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Zanussi Cooker - Ceramic Double Oven

200.00 by 254eee

Time Left - 13 Days, 23 Hours


Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!


Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!

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  • WheelsupPhoto
    Town Centre sad state

    Wheelsup - Yesterday, 09:18 PM

    Good site for a "proper Italian" pizza place. But it would need to be quality service.

  • Frances144Photo
    2015 - My Shetland

    Frances144 - Yesterday, 05:04 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/the-graduate-the-sequel/ Part Deux plus some sheep and waves

  • BGDDiscoPhoto
    Family Fun in Shetland

    BGDDisco - Yesterday, 04:23 PM

    Just for some accuracy on dates. Northmavine UHA is the third Friday in FebruaryDelting UHA...

  • GirziePhoto
    Family Fun in Shetland

    Girzie - Yesterday, 04:03 PM

    Delting Up Helly Aa is great fun and if that is during your half term, I would go for it You wo...

  • Frances144Photo
    Family Fun in Shetland

    Frances144 - Yesterday, 03:25 PM

    I would come up in May or Summer and show your kids the puffins, boats, fish, etc. Up Helly...

  • lastpubrunnerPhoto
    Family Fun in Shetland

    lastpubrunner - Yesterday, 01:54 PM

    Hi All, I'd like to go up to Shetland again, some time next year.  I'd like to take my...

  • mikeyboyPhoto
    Library relocation

    mikeyboy - Yesterday, 01:35 PM

    I was in the library a couple of weeks ago while waiting on a car repair. It was actually quite b...

  • ArabiaTerraPhoto
    Climate Change & Global Warming

    ArabiaTerra - Yesterday, 08:15 AM

       Oh dear. http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/29/skeptical-climate-document...

  • whalsaPhoto
    Climate Change & Global Warming

    whalsa - Yesterday, 08:01 AM

    I heard a Senator from the Philippines on the TV the other day saying that climate change is the...

  • northPhoto
    Climate Change & Global Warming

    north - Yesterday, 05:00 AM

    Oh dear. http://www.climatedepot.com/2015/11/29/skeptical-climate-documentary-set-to-rock-un...

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