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Black Guide London Real Leather Wallet

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Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!


Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!

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  • WindwalkerPhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    Windwalker - Today, 05:54 PM

    Difficult to tell if the silver car sped up or if the black pickup just didn't have the power to...

  • Kavi UglPhoto
    Self-sustaining Shetland

    Kavi Ugl - Today, 05:54 PM

    I hear on Radio Shetland tonight that all bairns in Primary School will be "introduced" to two fo...

  • Kavi UglPhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    Kavi Ugl - Today, 05:49 PM

    Yes, I have mixed feelings about this. The man/woman in the black pick-up wasn't doing thems...

  • WheelsupPhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    Wheelsup - Today, 05:43 PM

    yes, I feel the police would need to speak to both drivers. For the sake of safety the vehicle be...

  • Suffererof1crankymofoPhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    Suffererof1crankymofo - Today, 05:40 PM

    His driving position is different to yours.  His seating position is higher.  He can se...

  • Frances144Photo
    2015 - My Shetland

    Frances144 - Today, 05:34 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/please-bring-apples/ Visiting Rules

  • JustMePhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    JustMe - Today, 05:05 PM

    Watched it twice now and the overtaking manoeuvre started in a safe enough spot.  Almost loo...

  • whalsaPhoto
    Self-sustaining Shetland

    whalsa - Today, 04:59 PM

    I can tell you unequivocally that Wir Shetland does not have a hidden agenda regarding Viking Ene...

  • BerserkerPhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    Berserker - Today, 04:58 PM

    You answered you're own question there! Driving like that it's just a matter of time before he ki...

  • SnowFlakePhoto
    Driving in Shetland

    SnowFlake - Today, 04:55 PM

    personally i feel you have no other option but to inform the police and show them the video....

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