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Thank you for your continued patience. Shetlink is happy to announce the launch of Njord | Market as an upgraded and focused software development for the Shetland community.

With your Shetlink login details, all classifieds, private messages, and invoices are now accessed through the new Njord | Market system. Please see Njord | Market FAQ for more details.

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  • Frances144Photo
    2019 - MyShetland Blog

    Frances144 - Today, 05:29 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/asleep-sheep/ Blue Steel or Magnum?

  • Muckle OxtersPhoto
    Windhouse - Yell

    Muckle Oxters - Today, 01:58 PM

    Dis is a fascinating program fae radio shetland A History of Shetland - The Lairds and...

  • Muckle OxtersPhoto
    Orkney Drugs Dug loses sense of smell

    Muckle Oxters - Yesterday, 11:07 PM

    It's mibee no right to laugh, but I towt dis wis a funny headline   "New appe...

  • Sacre BleuPhoto
    British Democracy

    Sacre Bleu - Yesterday, 09:37 PM

    The inherent challenge with any political system with aspirations of democracy is how to effectiv...

  • Frances144Photo
    2019 - MyShetland Blog

    Frances144 - Yesterday, 05:21 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/icelandic-boys-in-winter/ All doing well

  • peeriebryanPhoto
    Moving Advice to The Shetland Isles

    peeriebryan - Yesterday, 02:42 PM

    Hi Thomas. Welcome to Shetlink. Our Njord|Market sister website is a good place to find acco...

  • mikeyboyPhoto
    Moving Advice to The Shetland Isles

    mikeyboy - Yesterday, 02:39 PM

    If you do Facebook this page may be a more suitable place to ask questions. https://www.face...

  • hastings guyPhoto
    Moving Advice to The Shetland Isles

    hastings guy - Yesterday, 02:01 PM

    Hello to all this is my first post on this Forum and I would appreciate any advice on moving to T...

  • BigMouthPhoto
    Pensioners fuming over government ‘theft’

    BigMouth - Yesterday, 01:56 PM

    The problem is that the government can change the rules at any time, so the populace can't really...

  • UrabugPhoto
    Street lighting

    Urabug - Yesterday, 01:46 PM

    Came across this article on the web sometime ago, so I guess LEDs may solve one problem but would...

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