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#197904 Seafarers..

Posted by trout on 09 March 2014 - 09:49 AM

There's been a few fekin stupid things said on here through the ages but, that really is at the top.
Thread closed as it's a pointless dirge.
Anyone got any issues with that email oohbutiliktaetrütle@shetlink.com and it'll be promptly ignored.
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#199298 glasshouse plans

Posted by ghufar on 16 May 2014 - 02:40 PM

For clarity you wanted a response and here it is.


Just because I own the greenhouses doesn't mean it has ANYTHING to do with my shop business which BTW has supported this community for over 40 years and pumped back into the local economy many millions in salaries and services as well as assisting many local charities with both funds and raffle prizes. Threats of disrupting the business due to a separate personal issue can only lead to a domino effect.


Islesat (as owners of a local business) should realise that I wouldn't stop using their business if he asked more for his house than I felt it was worth because I wanted to use it for a "community project". Have some sense people - this letter just reeks of cutting off your noses to spite your face.


I originally purchased the greenhouse which had not been used for many years due to lack of commercial viabilty with the hope of building eco-friendly housing or even having the option of rebuilding a commercial building to house my furniture and floorcoverings departments if I wanted. David Adamsons have clearly stated that they had no other property to compare the value to and have come back with a figure a third of what I believe I can achieve if I continue down one of my original desired routes in the future. However as I was approached with a community project I was more than willing to just take what it has almost cost me taking into account interest, original price and other costs over the last 5 years. This is not as one commentator states "twice the asking price" and trust him to make it clear that despite having made this my home for over 45 years I'm "an incomer" so that's another reason for my "apparent greed".


As Kavi says the figures of the project without even the purchase price were mind blowing and unfortunately I fear there could have been a swimming pools/mareel saga had it gone ahead anyway. Having said all this I can say that I am saddened that we could not reach a satisfactory resolution.


Hope that some of you can now see things from both sides of the fence...

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#196095 Alleged hacker arrested in Shetland

Posted by Jake Davis on 27 December 2013 - 06:41 PM

Thanks everyone. I am free(ish) now.

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#197537 Nice girl

Posted by Scorrie on 20 February 2014 - 06:10 AM

I know a single young lady who loves going for walks on deserted beaches, I'l give her a shout for you if that's OK.


Just bring a ball for her to chase and you'll get on fine.....

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#203623 Shetland Home Company

Posted by Sukibind on 11 March 2015 - 09:36 PM

Well, its 10 months since COPE received £112,312.00 to "Provide up to 15 work placements" for people with disabilities and as far as I can ascertain there has not been so much as 1 place provided. I would be delighted if COPE could correct me on that point and tell me that several new placements have been provided. What I do know is that the old Scrapstore has been 're-furbished' and that the 'pet project' soap shop have had huge amounts of money splurged on them, and to what effect? This is Shetland where we are more impressed with what you do, rather than what you have.

I also note that the prices in the Scrapstore have reached 'London' prices!! It would seem to be that it now thinks of its self as a fashionable antique store... Has it lost sight of the fact that most of its content is donated? and that the people that do donate would like their items to help POOR people to replace/ furnish their homes. It seems to me that COPE scrapsore has lost its way, where once it was the place that people in need could turn to for help in furnishing a modest home, it now seems to be trying to be some sort of fashionable home design ...thing.. Which is the only word I could come up with to describe what COPE has turned into, and poor folks can, well, look elsewhere...
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#199310 glasshouse plans

Posted by Windwalker on 16 May 2014 - 05:13 PM

Ghufar, it's sad that you should have felt you had to come on here and defend your position. The glass houses belong to you and it is your business what you ask for or sell them to.

However, the points you have made may help ease the pain of some who make comments prior to knowing the full story.

As for the Bargain Centre, you, your father and your grandfather before him, have provided a great service over many years to us customers in Shetland. I have bought lots of small item and most of my furniture from you over the years and will continue to do so.

I worked with your Grandfather Wally Mohamad when he first arrived in Shetland and bought lot of clothes from him when he first opened his shop in Hancie Smiths old place. From that small beginnings your family, through hard work, have built up a good business, providing a great service to us all. Many thanks for that.

As for being a Shetlander, I always thought you were born here, but even if you weren't I think you have earned the title by now :-)
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#213665 Inter Isle ferries

Posted by Ghostrider on Yesterday, 01:26 AM

There's two games at play with Holyrood, firstly, regardless of their protestations and overtures to the contrary, the Scottish establishment do not, never have, and probably never will in the next few centuries at least, consider Orkney & Shetland as a "true" part of Scotland, any more than many Orcadians and Shetlanders consider themselves 'Scottish' - We are very much the reluctant and mostly ignored foster child which they don't want, but their greed won't let them let go of. Just like you sometimes see (albeit not so often these days) a family with kids of their own, but one or more foster kids as well, who are very obvious by the fact they wear the hand me downs, while the biological children are always dressed in the new stuff - The foster ones are only where they are because the fosterers get an allowance paid for them, they're a commodity, and commodities only justify the minimum investment to ensure they continue to yield the maximum payout. We're a commodity in the same way to the Scottish political establishment, and right now they're conducting an experiment in just how low they can let their investment go without affecting the returns on it they get from us.


Secondly, we're sitting on a little bit of money, and nobody in Holyrood is going to take pity on us and send momey here when it serves their interests better to throw it around as bribes for votes in the central belt, as that's where the numbers are that matter as to whether they stay on their gravy train or not, it doesn't matter how we vote, as in the bigger picture our influence whoever we vote in is minimal, the support the local SNP branch was getting from Head Office and the quality of candidates they've put forward in both Scottish and national elections in the recent past is proof enough that they really don't care what happens here.


We're on our own to sink, we can choose between spending our reserves to plug the gap in Government funding either quickly or slowly, but until its all spent there will be no compassion or fairness coming this way out of Holyrood, only empty promises and flowery talking, and any compassion even then will only come if we go cap in hand and do a lot of begging. Or we can take on Holyrood at their own game, with the right research, planning and tactics any Council, including this one, could, back Holyrood in to a corner where they had to choose between honouring their obligations to the entire populations in a reasonable and fair manner, or face the real prospect of being painted so black their chances of holding on to power were all but wiped out. That unfortunately seems to be the last thing on our lot's mind though, given that the only reported reaction from our great white leader to yet another funding reduction was to scuttle away with his tail between his legs muttering about "more cutbacks to keep within the Edinburgh enforced budget". What happened to fighting for our fair share? I doesn't need much midder wit to know that if you just meekly and submissive accept whatever you're offered, you're very liable to be offered even less next time round - and we are, time and time again. Yet those on top of teh ttem here let it happen over and over again. Things will get worse regardless, but they'd get worse a whole lot more slowly if Edinburgh were a bit nervous of just what sort of broadside was about to be unleashed on them from these northern wastelands unless they sent enough to keep our protestations down to a dull roar.


'Those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat the same mistakes' or something like that is how the adage goes - History tells us that between 1500 and 1900 we were lorded over by the Scottish establishment who systematically ground both the place and the people in to the ground by creaming off almost all of the lion's share in the better times and ignoring folk's needs in the harder ones. History aso tells us that in the 15 years or so since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree in the 100+ years we've managed to largely stay out from under their thumb.....The thumb is now well and truly back, and if you want to have a general idea of how the remainder of this century will unfold politically, go check your history for the period 1600-1900 and the attitude of those who held power then, as the immediate future will be the same MO, only adapted to suit modern society and lifestyles.


The Council themselves could do much to put their own house in order as well, which would minimise the need for cuts in the actual service delivery. They're sitting on a grossly bloated over-complicated management system, and using many equally over complicated and un-necessary management and admin procedures and systems, not to mention the slew of totally un-necessary 'non-job' positons, all of which are drawing salaries and incurring costs needlessly. The place would run as well, probably better in fact, if all the desk bound elements between the elected members and the front line staff were completely redesigned and streamlined with an emphasis on minimalisation, effectiveness and efficiency, and yield a scarily surprising amount in savings, but there seems no stomach within the organsation to even explore that avenue.

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#209954 Frances

Posted by Frances144 on 26 August 2016 - 01:45 PM

Ummm, I make no money from my blog in any way.


I endorse no products for anyone.


I just write about what I see and how I feel.


I am sad you hate it.


I am not on happy pills.  :thmbsup  (just gin occasionally)  :oops:


Oh, and I can't knit.

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#209389 100 sheep shot

Posted by brochbuilder on 13 June 2016 - 08:19 AM

Colin, I must point out that shooting rabbits  and shooting sheep can hardly be considered the same thing. Rabbits breed to plague proportions and are a major pest on farms in various countries. Shooting is just one of the necessary control measures.

Sheep on the other hand are farmed and provide food, wool, and a livelihood for countrymen everywhere.

I think you should think a little before making any more imbecilic comments.

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#209130 Shaping Staney Hill housing

Posted by Capeesh on 14 May 2016 - 07:21 AM

I was lucky enough to qualify for a shared ownership Hjatland house with my partner after years of renting privately when I was younger, it was a fantastic help and after seeing the recent rental market it makes me count my blessings, I would never have been able to afford to rent privately at todays prices.
I now own a different property which will border the Staney hill development and have already had a letter through the door asking if we have any objections.
Me and the wife had a chat about it and although the development will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on our house we decided it would be wrong to pull the ladder up behind us and put in any sort of objection and deny somebody else the opportunity we had.
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#207983 strange things in shetland

Posted by Seaflech on 27 January 2016 - 12:08 PM

I can't believe it, I really can't.

I've just finished watching Superman - and it turns out it wasn't filmed on planet Krypton at all but right here on planet Earth!  Did anybody else know this?  My childhood is now destroyed.


Sometimes I wonder why hardly anybody posts on Shetlink anymore, then I read topics like this and my memory is restored....

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#213160 CCTV yet again a waste

Posted by Colin on 24 October 2017 - 07:49 AM



If it's not "fit for purpose" now then, was it ever?


How much do the police want the SIC to spend on an upgrade and, should the SIC tell them to "take a hike" ?


Personally, I believe that if the police want to upgrade the system then, they should pay for it.....  After all, it's not the SIC (is it(?)) who wants to monitor our every move.

Anyway, if the SIC has that much money to spend, how about spending it on;

1. Community Skips

2. Public Toilets

3. Bus Shelters that properly protect from the wind and rain AND with proper seats.. Oh wait, that's a bus Waiting Room..

4. etc. etc. etc

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#212789 Proposed new recycling scheme isles-wide

Posted by Suffererof1crankymofo on 01 September 2017 - 05:58 AM

Right, let's break this down then:-

"From July 2018 how we handle our rubbish will be changing. There are a lot of questions around the new service. Here are the main questions:"

Oh good, it's their rubbish.


"Why is the Council doing this?

  • The Scottish Government has set the target of recycling 70% of all waste by 2025. In 2015/16 the national average was 44%, whilst Shetland was just 9%. Upcoming legislation will also mean that we will no longer be allowed to burn hard plastics and non-ferrous metals at the Energy Recovery Plant."

Define "upcoming legislation".  Is this legislation that has already been passed and is yet to come into force or proposed legislation?

"How will it be collected?

  • Households will have two green bins with different coloured lids and a reusable bag for recycling. The blue-lidded bin will be for card and paper. The grey-lidded bin will be for canscartons and plastic bottles. Put these bins at your usual collection point on the right day and it will be uplifted and returned to where you left it. The reusable bag will be for you to take glass to your nearest bring site. A full list of what is collected will be available soon."

So, I'm to drive down the road to dump my glass containers, am I?  That's not very green.  There isn't room for the wheelie bins here.  Where they meant to live in the meantime?


"How often will my rubbish and recycling be collected?

  • We will be collecting on a four week cycle. You will need to put out the correct bin on your usual collection day. If you put out anything else other than what is meant to be collected that week it will not be picked up. Example of collection cycle:
  • Week 1: Card & Paper (blue-lidded bin)
  • Week 2: Non-Recyclable
  • Week 3: Cans, Cartons & Plastics (grey-lidded bin)
  • Week 4: Non-Recyclable"

So there isn't a wheelie bin for non-recyclable rubbish?

Here's a thought - have ONE wheelie bin but issue different coloured rubbish bags free of charge.


"Why isn't glass being collected on the kerbside?

  • Glass is being collected separately to help prevent broken bottles/jars contaminating the rest of the recycling in your bins. Fill your reusable recycling bag and take it to one of the new bring sites whenever suits you."

So it's fine for the general public to run the risk of injury but not SIC workers in other words.


"Why is my rubbish only being collected once a fortnight?

  • We will still be collecting from every property once a week just picking up different things each visit. The more you recycle the less you'll put into the non-recyclable bin."

And where are we meant to put rubbish in the meantime?  Cloud cuckoo land?

"Why bother? I've heard you burn all the recycling anyway!

  • Legally anything we collect for recycling must be recycled. So everything you put into your recycling bins will be recycled."

Except rural areas under the Regulations are EXEMPT where it is not practicable or cost effective to do so.  You want "your" rubbish recycled, you can sort it and create jobs in the meantime ... or does the money given for this scheme not cover installing equipment that can sort it?

"What about the District Heating Scheme?

  • The District Heating Scheme will continue. Other fuel sources can provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to burning diesel. So once all your recycling is removed the Scheme will have more than enough energy for its customers."

    That's not what they're saying, that's an assumption.

"Do I have to buy a wheelie bin for my non-recyclable rubbish?

  • No. We will collect the non-recyclable rubbish however you currently present it, so long as it is out at 7.30am on the correct day of collection. You will find that once you separate out your recycling what's left will reduce significantly."

    Nope.  I did this malarkey years ago.  Not everyone has space to store it.  What happens is you have several bags half full meaning you spend more money on bags, and you get confused as hell as to what is recyclable and what isn't.

"Is it only in Lerwick?

  • No. We are rolling out the new system across all of Shetland."

    Ah yes, "rolling".

"The bins will blow away!

  • There are many ways to secure wheelie bins, from bin stores to clamps/grips to bungee cord. During very bad weather all collections could be suspended and arranged for another day."

    The bin store isn't big enough!  Bad weather?  That'll be from September to April then. ;-)

"I don't have space for wheelie bins! I've got too many steps! I don't have a kerbside!

  • We will be assessing all routes to see what issues there might be and how they can be solved to let everyone recycle. If you have any specific issues please contact us."

    You should have done that FIRST.  Again, certain areas are EXEMPT under the Regulations.  I'm just trying to visualise the rubbish truck actually being able to reverse, what with all these wheelie bins and cables strewn about charging up the lekky cars.

"What if I put the wrong thing in the wrong bin?

  • Everyone makes mistakes. If the collection crews see the wrong material in the bin they'll leave you a note, highlighting what was wrong and how you can get it right for next time. Further advice and support will always be available should you need it."

    And how will they know the rubbish is mine?  How will they know that someone hasn't dumped rubbish in my bin?  What's the fine for non-compliance then?  You have a duty to promote but hey after all, it's YOUR rubbish, I merely gifted it to you.

"We will publicise further information and developments over the next few months. However, if you have any other questions on the new recycling scheme, please contact us:

  • email: recycling@shetland.gov.uk
  • tel: 01595 744810"

    Which councillor mentioned this in their manifesto?  Did any?  What's the point in contacting you, you will just patronise folk and won't listen.  This is about ticking boxes in order to meet EU legislation.  It's not green.  It's not saving the planet.

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#212234 New Esplanade road layout

Posted by Urabug on 26 June 2017 - 03:56 PM

Well whatever is said,this was an expensive project that was not required.


Just a complete waste of public money that should have been spent elsewhere on something more needful.


These humps and bumps  will not bring more trade to "Da Street" and I also doubt if it makes it any safer.

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#208289 EU

Posted by Gorgonzola Butt-cheese on 23 February 2016 - 07:59 PM

Can you vote for Juncker?
Can you vote for Tusk?
Can you vote for Shultz? 


The only questions that matter, as so eloquently put by Tony Benn:

1. What power have you got?
2. Where did you get it from?
3. In whose interests do you exercise it?
4. To whom are you accountable?
5. How can we get rid of you?

The last is of paramount importance, and particularly when the EU fails to address this last point so badly - the European Commission, take note.

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#208254 EU

Posted by Ghostrider on 21 February 2016 - 03:18 AM

Get out. The EU have either destroyed/done nothing to help save the industries we had when we went in, and have brought us nothing to replce them with we argubly couldn't have achieved just fine without them.


Yeah, there may be rougher blips as we go through the transition of leaving, but once the dust settles we'll be in no worse a place than we re right now, and should be in a much better one. Its no different than the rougher blips we went through going in, nothing got any better than it was before we went in, things just got done that bit differently, that's all, and now being in is dragging us down.


The EEC/EU was aphilosophy that was worthy of examination, and we've gone as far as try it out for over 40 years. Its never really done what it said on the tin, and by all apperances things can only worsen, not better, so quit throwing good money after bad and try something else.


The original conception of the EEC maybe worked okayishly, and maybe it could have continued to work okayishly if it had stayed that way, but what it is now is heading for an implosion. Common sense and a quick glance at a world map soon lets you know large land masses under common control only work tolerably in practice when their greatest extent is east/west, not north/south. eg. The Yanks, Canada, Russia etc. The EU stretches from the Arctic Circle to the Med, and trying to apply the same set of rules to the Swedes, Greeks and Germans, or the Spanish, us and the Finns etc, given the vast differences between those nations, is never going to work. A small group of nations in similar latitudes probably could have worked, say, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland and maybe us an Ireland etc, but with what they have it can't, and all thats been happening these last twenty years is that they've been trying to stop what they have from falling apart, and now is the time to quit even that as its failed too in the end.


Once a whole starts becoming unstable, the usual form is that the periphieries detach first as they have the weakest connection to the core. Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and Finland are peripheries due to their locations at the northern and southern ends, us and Ireland are peripheries due to being island nations. Greece has all but committed suicide by opting to stay in, Spain isn't exctly doing sh*t hot with staying either, things aren't exactly a bed of roses in Merkel's "Motherland" or some of her buffer satellite nations, the writing is on the wall, time we were gone while we're still able to exit on our terms and survive, so as not end up in the same hole as Greece.

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#207953 strange things in shetland

Posted by RickB on 25 January 2016 - 06:50 AM

Did you also notice in the closing credits 'All places and locations are fictitious'?


If you want to watch a documentary on Shetland look elsewhere. If on the other hand you want a fictitious crime drama then watch the series.

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#203354 Poverty in Shetland

Posted by Davie P on 17 February 2015 - 08:09 PM

It's a shame to see another potentially interesting and constructive thread take such a needlessly negative turn at the hands of the same group of folk.

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#201734 100 Days to Scottish Independence Referendum

Posted by Ghostrider on 21 September 2014 - 01:51 AM

This is my first post on here and probably my last. I created my membership so that I could make this single post in response to some of the comments given and the result of the referendum. None of you will find what follows pleasant reading.

First of all, I'm not from Shetland, I'm from Scotland. I didn't realise so many of you regarded Scottish people as some sort of foreign enemy until I came on here. Knowing that actually helps explain things but I would never have guessed that my customers in Shetland thought of me like that. More on my Shetland customers to come...

I'm from Glasgow. I'm pretty well off, to tell the truth. I don't drink, don't take drugs, and am reasonably boring really. I also don't watch or take any interest in football. In all that I'm quite an odd Glaswegian. I run my own business, keep myself to myself, and am devoted to my family. I have two kids.

Glasgow and so many other places are in a desperate state right now. The austerity and the recession have taken a toll. I voted yes in the referendum because I wanted someone to address issues of poverty above all else. Since it pains me to see child poverty and food banks on the rise just about everywhere, you might argue that it was selfish of me to vote Yes and I wouldn't argue.

So, it looks like almost two thirds of Shetland people voted No and that puzzles me. Shetland was actually one of the staunchest supporters of No, in regional terms. Very odd. The people I know from Shetland seemed very reasonable, like most others. I've actually helped a few of them out in ways that go beyond business too. For example, one of my customers has a son studying at Glasgow university and without going into detail, I went out of my way to help with advice and providing a van to move stuff when he moved into a flat here.

There's no nice way of saying this though. As of Monday, I will not be doing business with anyone from Shetland. I will also not be helping anyone from Shetland in any other way. If I meet someone from Shetland, I will be either very curt or very nasty to them. If I had the power to speak for Glasgow as a whole, I would advise you not to come here. Obviously I feel very let down by what has happened but that is to say I think Shetlanders are a let down.

I don't expect many of you to lose any sleep over some bitter foreigner in Glasgow. That's fine. My advice to you is to push for Shetland independence because I don't think I'm alone in thinking the way I think about this stuff. As for the few who voted Yes and the injustice of collective punishment, I'm afraid I don't have time to filter you out for preferential treatment. At the end of the day, you might have done more to convince your neighbours to vote for Yes.

As for your sons and daughters, they ultimately are the ones who will need to live with your decision, as are mine. You might think you have some sort of strategically superior position with regards to oil etc., but I think you mistaken in that respect. Based on what I've read, many of you can barely afford to heat yourselves and I can't see that changing any time soon with power now firmly in the hands of Westminster.

I will be honest with my Shetland customers when explain why I am boycotting them. Honesty matters to me and I am looking forward to those discussions.


Okay, firstly I didn't find your post in any way unpleasant to read. Generally speaking we're a reasonably tolerant bunch up here near the Arctic Circle, especially where any criticism is directed from a (perhaps very understandable) position of misconception.


I won't pretend I'm speaking for all Shetlanders, as I'm not, I can't, and I don't want to. While you may have gained the impression (and I can see why you may have done so, given that many posts here are worded in a way that assumes the reader already knows the history and back story involved) that Shetlanders see Scots as some sort of "foreign enemy", the situation is very far from being that simple. Generally speaking Shetlanders have nothing against the "(wo)man in the street" Scot, any more than they have anything against her/his counterpart in England, Wales, Ireland, or just about any other country on this planet. However, the same cannot be said for the "Scottish Establishment", be that old King James III of Scotland who back in 1492 began a trail of shenanigans with Shetland as one of his pawns, the current Scottish Parliament, its predecessor in the shape of the Scottish Office, or whatever else has constituted a "Scottish Establishment" over the rest of those 500 odd years inbetween.


Throughout those 522 years the "Scottish Establishment" in whatever shape it took, be it the minor Royals and "nobility" and their lackeys who came first, the "professionals" (lawyers/ministers etc) with aspirations of power and wealth that followed them, to the present day "politicians". Largely without exception have established and maintained a reputation of taking from Shetland as much as they could, giving as little as they could get away with, and frequently throughout history leaving behind them a trail of abuse, dirty-dealing and carnage in their wakes. Shetland has survived and occasionally thrived thus far, despite "Scotland", not because of "Scotland" - and I'll hasten to add, by "Scotland" I mean the Royalty, Nobility and people in positions of power and/or influence within Scotland, no one else.


Its little more than 100 years since the taking advantage and the abuse of Shetland and Shetlanders by the parts of "Scotland" that had direct influence over us was finally brought to an end - by nothing to do with Scotland, but by the United Kingdom. Since then, we've had to endure the tender mercies of such things as the Scottish Office and the Scottish Parliament, who despite dressing up their dealings in prettier clothes than their predecessors, failed to manage to hide that they still saw us as a place and people who were "out of sight and out of mind" unless we had something they wanted, just as their predecessors right back to 1492 had done. The current crop who've been trying to sell Scottish Independence to us have had done nothing to help change our minds, Edinburgh feels equally remote and out of touch with us as Westminster does, so why would we consider changing for change's sake? Westminster with all its faults is at least the devil we know, Edinburgh has never given any indication in its past 15 years of existence of being good for us, the empty promises of political propaganda pre-referendum didn't even hint at any change in that.


Then if you throw a little practical history in to the mix, it just racks the reasoning up a little higher. Shetland was Scandinavian until 1492, Scotland ceased to be a seperate nation in 1707. The vast majority of Scottish history isn't our history, and thereby by default the vast majority of Scottish culture and identity isn't our culture and identity. In the last 1014 years Shetland has been Scandinavian for 492 years, Scottish for 215 years (during which Scotland only had relatively minimal influence on the ground in Shetland) and British for 307 years. Granted although we were still technically tacked on to Scotland throughout those 307 years of being part of the UK, the whole show was run from London, not Edinburgh, so any direct Scottish influence on us wasn't particularly great. Then throw in to the mix also that its only been for the last 150 years or so that we've had any great deal of import/export contact with Scotland, prior to that the greater part of Shetland's trade in both directions was with the Continent, and that up to around a century ago Shetlanders leaving the isles to start a life elsewhere in the UK were equally if not more likely to choose an English destination than a Scottish one.


Take all of the above together, and I think its reasonable to ask why would "Scotland" expect us to align ourselves with and support them in an independence bid. "Scotland" may well be who we've been tacked on to for 522 years, but that wasn't our choice, and for the last 307 years it didn't matter all that much, as the UK was in overall charge anyway. Shetland has around 700 years or so of shared heritage and culture with Scandinavia, albeit a long time ago, we have 215 years of being exclusively "Scottish" almost as long ago and during a period when the Scottish influence wasn't particularly great, we then had a century or so despite being British that arguably we were influenced equally as much by Dutch culture, and finally the last century or so of shared culture and heritage with the UK. Scotland may well have been around in the background for a long time as far as Shetland has been concerned, but as far as shared heritage and culture goes, there's next to none. Depending on your point of view we're either a cosmopolitian beast that identifies with many, but because of that finds it difficult to align totally with any, or are an obnoxious little bar steward hanging around on the peripheries annoying everyone.


Bottom line, Shetland and many Shetlanders seem to have difficulty identifying with and understanding the Scottish nation and psyche, and feel Scotland and many Scots have equal difficulty with understanding Shetland and Shetlanders' psyche. Certainly, Shetlanders and Scots have common ground, but not enough for us to genuinely feel we belong in "Scotland".


Speaking from a purely personal viewpoint, I would suspect Shetland returned such a high percentage "No" vote, because we were asked the wrong questions, giving us no choice but vote tactically to achieve the same end by other means.


Whether Scotland is an independent nation or not I do not feel is any concern or business of mine, as a Shetlander I don't identify as a Scot nor do I feel any particular affinity to Scotland any more than I feel towards England, Wales or Northern Ireland. Being asked to vote on whether I felt Scotland should be an independent nation or not, I felt a bit of an interloper and fraud, and would have preferred to have abstained, but as Scotland was insisting we came along wherever they went that really wasn't a viable choice.


Despite your assumptions, Shetland's vote was nothing personal against your average Scot, who we see as no different to any other Brit, or human whatever nationality. It was against a Scottish establishment who we feel have always been and still are as bad for Shetland as you appear to believe a British establishment is for Scotland. As I said Edinburgh is as remote and out of touch to us as Westminster is, and probably feels as remote and out of touch with Shetland to us, as Westminster does to you. Once you put more than a couple of hundred miles between points, especially north/south points, you're as remote and out of touch that it doesn't matter whether you go a few more hundred miles further or not, the understanding and connection has largely been lost and the bit extra really makes little difference.

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#194347 Offensive fancy dress

Posted by Spinner72 on 26 September 2013 - 08:43 PM

Normally i can't stand "debates" where people post links and quote others when trying to make a point. It's just lazy.


However, I will do exactly that here, and as be as stereotypical as possible by quoting Stephen Fry, who in this case most definitely hit the nail square on the head :


"It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so f**king what."

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