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#197904 Seafarers..

Posted by trout on 09 March 2014 - 09:49 AM

There's been a few fekin stupid things said on here through the ages but, that really is at the top.
Thread closed as it's a pointless dirge.
Anyone got any issues with that email oohbutiliktaetrütle@shetlink.com and it'll be promptly ignored.
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#199298 glasshouse plans

Posted by ghufar on 16 May 2014 - 02:40 PM

For clarity you wanted a response and here it is.


Just because I own the greenhouses doesn't mean it has ANYTHING to do with my shop business which BTW has supported this community for over 40 years and pumped back into the local economy many millions in salaries and services as well as assisting many local charities with both funds and raffle prizes. Threats of disrupting the business due to a separate personal issue can only lead to a domino effect.


Islesat (as owners of a local business) should realise that I wouldn't stop using their business if he asked more for his house than I felt it was worth because I wanted to use it for a "community project". Have some sense people - this letter just reeks of cutting off your noses to spite your face.


I originally purchased the greenhouse which had not been used for many years due to lack of commercial viabilty with the hope of building eco-friendly housing or even having the option of rebuilding a commercial building to house my furniture and floorcoverings departments if I wanted. David Adamsons have clearly stated that they had no other property to compare the value to and have come back with a figure a third of what I believe I can achieve if I continue down one of my original desired routes in the future. However as I was approached with a community project I was more than willing to just take what it has almost cost me taking into account interest, original price and other costs over the last 5 years. This is not as one commentator states "twice the asking price" and trust him to make it clear that despite having made this my home for over 45 years I'm "an incomer" so that's another reason for my "apparent greed".


As Kavi says the figures of the project without even the purchase price were mind blowing and unfortunately I fear there could have been a swimming pools/mareel saga had it gone ahead anyway. Having said all this I can say that I am saddened that we could not reach a satisfactory resolution.


Hope that some of you can now see things from both sides of the fence...

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#196095 Alleged hacker arrested in Shetland

Posted by Jake Davis on 27 December 2013 - 06:41 PM

Thanks everyone. I am free(ish) now.

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#197537 Nice girl

Posted by Scorrie on 20 February 2014 - 06:10 AM

I know a single young lady who loves going for walks on deserted beaches, I'l give her a shout for you if that's OK.


Just bring a ball for her to chase and you'll get on fine.....

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#215323 Unst. Miserable

Posted by Paolo67 on 22 April 2018 - 03:23 AM

They are indeed a picture of misery and gloom Bluevac, for many reasons;


With even the slightest change in ferry timetables they are forced to eat cormorants.

Excessive consumption of salted cormorants over prolonged winters has been linked to rickets in children and diabetes in rats. Rickety children and diabetic rats is the stark reality faced by Unst folks in austere times. 

The parents of the rickety children are also fighting to save the last surviving school and the last surviving Talc quarry on the island to secure a future for the community. Both are riddled with asbestos.

A council survey recently concluded that 76% of Unst people can't even spell 'community' without the help of Google,

Another council survey concluded that 76% of Unst people can' access Google without installing Satellite Broadband.

That same 76% also failed to spell 'Satellite' within seven attempts.

A greater number of Unst people carry a smouldering anger, frustration and paranoia against the world of inanimate objects and failing electronic devices. They punch plasterboard walls regularly to vent their rage. Their houses are well vented too and the rats get in.

There is also a suspected serial killer at large. The population has dropped from 1100 to 500 in twenty years and Police have found no leads. The Policeman disappeared too in 2001.


The last job on the island is also under threat of automation since the Waterboard decided not to replace the technician who regulated the fluoride and chlorine levels in the Island's water supply. A lost generation of rickety children had their education tailored for this post and were groomed for the position. They are probably qualified to run a bath or operate anything wth two taps. Their only other skill set would be fishing a dead horse from a loch if required. 

76% of that lost generation couldn't spell 'maintenance' or 'technician'.

That was their happy lot.

No longer.


Lastly, following two decades of exposure to the noise pollution of oil traffic they suffer from P.F.T., a Pitch Fluctuating variant of Tinnitus which rings like a constant National Anthem of 'God Save the Queen' in their ears giving them an aloofness and reverent countenance that could be misinterpreted as a dismissive stiffness of character.


In sadder times now, the skies are no longer a choppity-chug of helicopters; the toxic talc quarries are no longer a thud of dynamite and diesel water-pumps; the wax-buffed school floors are no longer a-squeak or a scurry of plimsoled feet running to the clangity-clang of a janitor's bell and 76% of Unst people can't spell 'marmalade'.

In Unst they call it 'orange jam'.

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#213915 Lerwick Up Helly Aa - sexist or traditional?

Posted by Ghostrider on 20 January 2018 - 02:10 PM

^ AFAIK thats pretty much a matter between the person wanting to join, the existing members of the squad they want to join, and the leader of that squad. The UHA Committee, last I was aware anyway, has minimal interference in individual squad affairs, beyond the general 'don't disrupt the event and/or bring it in to disrepute' type of stuff, and the residency qualifications that were/are for anybody taking part in the event, when it became necessary to cap total numbers back in the 70's.


In its basest terms, as I understand it. The event is one person's private party (the Jarl), who is joined by other private partys (the other squads), in an all night merry go round of visiting yet more private partys (the venues).


Its all harking back to its roots of small groups of people with a common interest (neighbours, workmates etc) informally getting together to visit dwellings throughout the town where the housholder was holding open house, and carrying brands or dragging burning barrels to provide light for themselves, with the same rules applying now as then.


If you weren't part of whatever 'clique' that formed those informal groupings back at it start, you'd not been invited to join them, you'd either have had to find a 'clique' in to which you were accepted, or be left on the outside. In today's incarnation, folk generally join squads which aready have relatives, workmates, neighbours etc in them, who smooth the path as and when space exists.


Its not a public event, its not advertised, spectators are not invited. Its a collection of private events which come together for a short period of their durations for a single private event held in public, and pedestrians have been allowed to spectate if they wish, simply due to the fact there's no legitimate reason to prohibit them from the public pavements concerned. The venues, with the exception of the Town Hall aren't public events, they're by invitation only of the hostess(ess), just the same as their namesakes of the open houses back in the day.

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#203623 Shetland Home Company

Posted by Sukibind on 11 March 2015 - 09:36 PM

Well, its 10 months since COPE received £112,312.00 to "Provide up to 15 work placements" for people with disabilities and as far as I can ascertain there has not been so much as 1 place provided. I would be delighted if COPE could correct me on that point and tell me that several new placements have been provided. What I do know is that the old Scrapstore has been 're-furbished' and that the 'pet project' soap shop have had huge amounts of money splurged on them, and to what effect? This is Shetland where we are more impressed with what you do, rather than what you have.

I also note that the prices in the Scrapstore have reached 'London' prices!! It would seem to be that it now thinks of its self as a fashionable antique store... Has it lost sight of the fact that most of its content is donated? and that the people that do donate would like their items to help POOR people to replace/ furnish their homes. It seems to me that COPE scrapsore has lost its way, where once it was the place that people in need could turn to for help in furnishing a modest home, it now seems to be trying to be some sort of fashionable home design ...thing.. Which is the only word I could come up with to describe what COPE has turned into, and poor folks can, well, look elsewhere...
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#199310 glasshouse plans

Posted by Windwalker on 16 May 2014 - 05:13 PM

Ghufar, it's sad that you should have felt you had to come on here and defend your position. The glass houses belong to you and it is your business what you ask for or sell them to.

However, the points you have made may help ease the pain of some who make comments prior to knowing the full story.

As for the Bargain Centre, you, your father and your grandfather before him, have provided a great service over many years to us customers in Shetland. I have bought lots of small item and most of my furniture from you over the years and will continue to do so.

I worked with your Grandfather Wally Mohamad when he first arrived in Shetland and bought lot of clothes from him when he first opened his shop in Hancie Smiths old place. From that small beginnings your family, through hard work, have built up a good business, providing a great service to us all. Many thanks for that.

As for being a Shetlander, I always thought you were born here, but even if you weren't I think you have earned the title by now :-)
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#215324 Unst. Miserable

Posted by Paolo67 on 22 April 2018 - 04:32 AM

In Unst, any reliance on 'lovely' or 'super' in descriptive narrative is hackneyed superficial gush. Unst people only use adjectives to describe something that is dead, lost or stolen. 

We used to have a policeman.

He was a lovely guy.


People still play badminton. The badminton scene is the only scene and it has always been a thriving scene. Whoever and whatever you are.. on Thursday evenings you are free to strut your stuff in badminton shorts. The serial killer probably enjoys Badminton.


The population has reached a critical point where it cannot sustain a Masonic Lodge. The Unst Councillor punches above his weight, the schools close and children get rickets. Most children would prefer to be in an orphanage than a happy family unit. At least they would get a wifi connection.

They could post smileys and super selfies like everybody else.



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#213866 Bowls Hall

Posted by wotsit on 14 January 2018 - 12:42 PM

A proper school hall area for exams, speeches, school plays etc would have been good idea to have been included in the plans. Why so many staff rooms?

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#209954 Frances

Posted by Frances144 on 26 August 2016 - 01:45 PM

Ummm, I make no money from my blog in any way.


I endorse no products for anyone.


I just write about what I see and how I feel.


I am sad you hate it.


I am not on happy pills.  :thmbsup  (just gin occasionally)  :oops:


Oh, and I can't knit.

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#209389 100 sheep shot

Posted by brochbuilder on 13 June 2016 - 08:19 AM

Colin, I must point out that shooting rabbits  and shooting sheep can hardly be considered the same thing. Rabbits breed to plague proportions and are a major pest on farms in various countries. Shooting is just one of the necessary control measures.

Sheep on the other hand are farmed and provide food, wool, and a livelihood for countrymen everywhere.

I think you should think a little before making any more imbecilic comments.

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#209130 Shaping Staney Hill housing

Posted by Capeesh on 14 May 2016 - 07:21 AM

I was lucky enough to qualify for a shared ownership Hjatland house with my partner after years of renting privately when I was younger, it was a fantastic help and after seeing the recent rental market it makes me count my blessings, I would never have been able to afford to rent privately at todays prices.
I now own a different property which will border the Staney hill development and have already had a letter through the door asking if we have any objections.
Me and the wife had a chat about it and although the development will almost certainly have a detrimental effect on our house we decided it would be wrong to pull the ladder up behind us and put in any sort of objection and deny somebody else the opportunity we had.
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#218676 Njord Market

Posted by Capeesh on 25 January 2019 - 09:58 PM

Slow to load, poor layout and full of annoying pop up ads, sorry Shetlink but I preferred the classifieds the way they were.
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#216492 In The News - Comic Response

Posted by JGHR on 05 August 2018 - 10:02 PM

The administrators post above is well noted, so I'll do my best to temper what will, I hope, be my final post on this subject. Prior to this week I had not posted on Shetlink for two years, perhaps more I'm not sure, mainly for the reasons the administrator identified above. But this week I was reminded of David Morrison, chief of the Australian Army's address to the international Women's day conference in 2013. It was while expressing his disgust and utter shame at the culture of bullying and harassment which had grown within his organisation, under his watch, that he made his now famous quote:


'The standard you walk past is the standard you accept'


I don't accept bullying, I don't accept harassment, I don't accept trolls, and as much as I might have wanted to - it would have been the easiest thing to do by far - I couldn't walk past this thread.


Nit picking, pointing out grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, posting of snide emoticons followed by phony insincere well wishing, it is bullying and it is trolling, and I condem it. I make no apology for that.


After that came the victim blaming, which I find more repugnant than the original bullying by far. The initial behaviour could perhaps, if you were feeling charitable, be excused as simple ignorance. Victim blaming deserves no such quarter, it is a calculated callous attempt to inflict further injury and at the same time excuse the perpetrators. I robustly condem it, i make no apology for that. 


Now we have victim playing which is simply pathetic and I will not let it go unchecked. There is one victim in this sorry tale and one victim only and that is Fetlar Writer. Having your own behaviour scrutinised and called out in public does not make you a victim, irrespective of how ashamed it makes you feel. Being labelled with adjectives which describe your behaviours does not make you a victim, irrespective of how uncomfortable they are to wear.


The standard you walk past is indeed the standard you accept and if Shetlink is to ever again to be the thriving vibrant online community it originally was, the people who wish it to be that way should not walk past. 


My work here is done.

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#212789 Proposed new recycling scheme isles-wide

Posted by Suffererof1crankymofo on 01 September 2017 - 05:58 AM

Right, let's break this down then:-

"From July 2018 how we handle our rubbish will be changing. There are a lot of questions around the new service. Here are the main questions:"

Oh good, it's their rubbish.


"Why is the Council doing this?

  • The Scottish Government has set the target of recycling 70% of all waste by 2025. In 2015/16 the national average was 44%, whilst Shetland was just 9%. Upcoming legislation will also mean that we will no longer be allowed to burn hard plastics and non-ferrous metals at the Energy Recovery Plant."

Define "upcoming legislation".  Is this legislation that has already been passed and is yet to come into force or proposed legislation?

"How will it be collected?

  • Households will have two green bins with different coloured lids and a reusable bag for recycling. The blue-lidded bin will be for card and paper. The grey-lidded bin will be for canscartons and plastic bottles. Put these bins at your usual collection point on the right day and it will be uplifted and returned to where you left it. The reusable bag will be for you to take glass to your nearest bring site. A full list of what is collected will be available soon."

So, I'm to drive down the road to dump my glass containers, am I?  That's not very green.  There isn't room for the wheelie bins here.  Where they meant to live in the meantime?


"How often will my rubbish and recycling be collected?

  • We will be collecting on a four week cycle. You will need to put out the correct bin on your usual collection day. If you put out anything else other than what is meant to be collected that week it will not be picked up. Example of collection cycle:
  • Week 1: Card & Paper (blue-lidded bin)
  • Week 2: Non-Recyclable
  • Week 3: Cans, Cartons & Plastics (grey-lidded bin)
  • Week 4: Non-Recyclable"

So there isn't a wheelie bin for non-recyclable rubbish?

Here's a thought - have ONE wheelie bin but issue different coloured rubbish bags free of charge.


"Why isn't glass being collected on the kerbside?

  • Glass is being collected separately to help prevent broken bottles/jars contaminating the rest of the recycling in your bins. Fill your reusable recycling bag and take it to one of the new bring sites whenever suits you."

So it's fine for the general public to run the risk of injury but not SIC workers in other words.


"Why is my rubbish only being collected once a fortnight?

  • We will still be collecting from every property once a week just picking up different things each visit. The more you recycle the less you'll put into the non-recyclable bin."

And where are we meant to put rubbish in the meantime?  Cloud cuckoo land?

"Why bother? I've heard you burn all the recycling anyway!

  • Legally anything we collect for recycling must be recycled. So everything you put into your recycling bins will be recycled."

Except rural areas under the Regulations are EXEMPT where it is not practicable or cost effective to do so.  You want "your" rubbish recycled, you can sort it and create jobs in the meantime ... or does the money given for this scheme not cover installing equipment that can sort it?

"What about the District Heating Scheme?

  • The District Heating Scheme will continue. Other fuel sources can provide a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to burning diesel. So once all your recycling is removed the Scheme will have more than enough energy for its customers."

    That's not what they're saying, that's an assumption.

"Do I have to buy a wheelie bin for my non-recyclable rubbish?

  • No. We will collect the non-recyclable rubbish however you currently present it, so long as it is out at 7.30am on the correct day of collection. You will find that once you separate out your recycling what's left will reduce significantly."

    Nope.  I did this malarkey years ago.  Not everyone has space to store it.  What happens is you have several bags half full meaning you spend more money on bags, and you get confused as hell as to what is recyclable and what isn't.

"Is it only in Lerwick?

  • No. We are rolling out the new system across all of Shetland."

    Ah yes, "rolling".

"The bins will blow away!

  • There are many ways to secure wheelie bins, from bin stores to clamps/grips to bungee cord. During very bad weather all collections could be suspended and arranged for another day."

    The bin store isn't big enough!  Bad weather?  That'll be from September to April then. ;-)

"I don't have space for wheelie bins! I've got too many steps! I don't have a kerbside!

  • We will be assessing all routes to see what issues there might be and how they can be solved to let everyone recycle. If you have any specific issues please contact us."

    You should have done that FIRST.  Again, certain areas are EXEMPT under the Regulations.  I'm just trying to visualise the rubbish truck actually being able to reverse, what with all these wheelie bins and cables strewn about charging up the lekky cars.

"What if I put the wrong thing in the wrong bin?

  • Everyone makes mistakes. If the collection crews see the wrong material in the bin they'll leave you a note, highlighting what was wrong and how you can get it right for next time. Further advice and support will always be available should you need it."

    And how will they know the rubbish is mine?  How will they know that someone hasn't dumped rubbish in my bin?  What's the fine for non-compliance then?  You have a duty to promote but hey after all, it's YOUR rubbish, I merely gifted it to you.

"We will publicise further information and developments over the next few months. However, if you have any other questions on the new recycling scheme, please contact us:

  • email: recycling@shetland.gov.uk
  • tel: 01595 744810"

    Which councillor mentioned this in their manifesto?  Did any?  What's the point in contacting you, you will just patronise folk and won't listen.  This is about ticking boxes in order to meet EU legislation.  It's not green.  It's not saving the planet.

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#212234 New Esplanade road layout

Posted by Urabug on 26 June 2017 - 03:56 PM

Well whatever is said,this was an expensive project that was not required.


Just a complete waste of public money that should have been spent elsewhere on something more needful.


These humps and bumps  will not bring more trade to "Da Street" and I also doubt if it makes it any safer.

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#208289 EU

Posted by Gorgonzola Butt-cheese on 23 February 2016 - 07:59 PM

Can you vote for Juncker?
Can you vote for Tusk?
Can you vote for Shultz? 


The only questions that matter, as so eloquently put by Tony Benn:

1. What power have you got?
2. Where did you get it from?
3. In whose interests do you exercise it?
4. To whom are you accountable?
5. How can we get rid of you?

The last is of paramount importance, and particularly when the EU fails to address this last point so badly - the European Commission, take note.

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#207169 Library relocation

Posted by whalsa on 25 November 2015 - 11:27 AM

If this process of condemned structures rising from the dead is for real, we could be quids in! We won't need to do all the restoration work on the Town Hall (bet's that a consultant wrote that plan?).


The great thing about Government is there is NO accountability. It is unlikely you could round up any of the culprits (councillors or employees) involved in the last move, nor penalise o hold them responsible in any way. It's just Government money anyway, and there's always lots more where that came from, just ask anyone (anyone even remember the Norrona, Bressay Bridge, AHS 1,2 and 3, sacked Chief Executive and all the other old stuff)?


And now we can return to the Library, back where it always should have been all along!

This is one of the great problems of our time as I see it. At every level Government representatives, employees and officials are not held accountable for wasting public funds. In private business if employees squander vast sums they are disciplined or sacked, public money should be held under more scrutiny not less! 

I hope that if Wir Shetlands campaign is a success and we can set up a new Government for Shetland then a large degree of accountability can be built in to the system, it is no less than the public deserve! 

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#203354 Poverty in Shetland

Posted by Davie P on 17 February 2015 - 08:09 PM

It's a shame to see another potentially interesting and constructive thread take such a needlessly negative turn at the hands of the same group of folk.

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