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Wedding Ring Lost Around West Mainland Leisure Centre Aith

Lost Lost by hjordy82

Time Left - 10 Days, 22 Hours


Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!


Crikes. Somethings untoward has happened! Funny things going on somewhere? Ach Weel!

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  • George.Photo
    Hrossey delayed

    George. - Today, 09:37 AM

    A woman unfortunately broke her arm while on board a yacht with her husband. They were just off t...

  • GhostriderPhoto
    Classified ad

    Ghostrider - Yesterday, 11:41 PM

    I don't think there's any way of changing categories after a listing has gone live, other than en...

  • GhostriderPhoto
    Hrossey delayed

    Ghostrider - Yesterday, 11:37 PM

    Word is she took the emergency call from the yacht, and then assisted with the casualty and the e...

  • MuckleJoanniePhoto
    Hrossey delayed

    MuckleJoannie - Yesterday, 11:17 PM

    I believe that a yacht wit an injured person on board is heading for Fair Isle. Maybe she is stan...

  • ColinPhoto
    Hrossey delayed

    Colin - Yesterday, 10:52 PM

    What's happened to the Hrossey tonight.  According to marine traffic website she seemed to s...

  • Frances144Photo
    2018 - MyShetland Blog

    Frances144 - Yesterday, 04:42 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/thinking-and-worried/ Hope I've done the right thing

  • Not2daythankyouPhoto
    Classified ad

    Not2daythankyou - Yesterday, 12:27 PM

    I've just placed a For Sale ad but it's gone to Pets Etc instead of Miscellaneous. How do I trans...

  • RasmiePhoto
    Lerwick town centre

    Rasmie - Apr 19 2018 09:15 PM

    Good to see four premises on Commercial Street being refurbished when i was in today. Quite a few...

  • Frances144Photo
    2018 - MyShetland Blog

    Frances144 - Apr 19 2018 04:50 PM

    http://myshetland.co.uk/and-home-and-breathe/ Our new family member

  • redrobbiePhoto
    Aberdeen for a good hearty Breakfast?

    redrobbie - Apr 18 2018 02:09 PM

    dyce farm! out near the airport. brilliant breakfast and great value too :)https://www.farmhousei...

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