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  2. https://myshetland.co.uk/solo-flight/ Off the lead-rein
  3. As long as countries like Russia and China and many others are a risk to our security it is prudent for us to stay well armed. Much of the aid sent to those in need is "confiscated" and used to the advantage of those causing the problems and never reaches those to whom it was intended. With a debt in the UK of over £2 trillion pounds are we really in a position to help many.
  4. Everybody is concerned about Covid but I have just seen on the internet that over 9 million people die from starvation each year. I am sure that we could do something about that considering the amount of money that is spent on bombs and bullets.
  5. I'm finding diddly on Google or the NHS Scotland site about that but that could be down to bad google-fu. The NHS Scotland site doesn't make it obvious how to access information about what data they hold on you and what's done with it either *cough* GDPR. NHS England is well aware that news of this data thing is out there. They have their own "mythbusting" page to show for it. While it tries to cover there being no opt-out deadline, it fails to address that once they have your data you cannot have it removed from their systems. It also states their data won't be handed over or sold unless
  6. Everything is for sale these days, including your grannie...
  7. Last week
  8. ^Are you possibly thinking of Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland?
  9. Unless I'm very mistaken the Scottish NHS were involved in some sort of 'centralisation of data for research purposes' (exact small print may well vary) quite some time back, to the point I recall filling up an 'opt out' thingy at some point over it.
  10. https://myshetland.co.uk/oh-harry/ A determined little chap
  11. I'm not sure just what to make of this but it sounds decidedly dodgy. From the linked article: If you know folks registered in England, they can opt out but IDK what the ramifications of doing just that are... but not getting targeted by American "medical" organisations could be one perk On the one hand I'm relieved it's only England and not completely not surprised it's happening under a Tory government on the other.
  12. https://myshetland.co.uk/turmeraid-wars/ Old men bickering
  13. Try Ross at Hot Gecko in Hoswick https://www.hotgeckomedia.com/
  14. https://myshetland.co.uk/rain-and-out/ Covid Jab for the family
  15. In need of a simple small 3D project printing out. I have the .stl file. Any hobbyist 3D printers out there?
  16. https://myshetland.co.uk/flock-integration/ All together now
  17. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster? Very Aberdonian. Minister for the Cabinet Office? Very Aberdonian. Member of Parliament for Surrey Heath since 2005. Aberdonian to the root. JMOOC.
  18. No. A British political party? No. House of Lords? No. Westminster? No. Anything south of the border.....
  19. Tony Blair was brought up in Edinburgh. Any tangible contribution to Scottish politics by any of the two has been less than minimal, and has only come about through their involvement in English politics in the UK political sphere. IOW, coincidental rather than intentional.
  20. And he wasn't much liked there either even back then. Slimy little toad that he is.
  21. https://myshetland.co.uk/finding-his-gaits/ Going very well
  22. Michael Gove says Westminster won't take Scottish Government to court over indyref2 There's hope for us yet
  23. ^And when they get off the ferry, they can get on the bus.
  24. Geographically incorrect, if you’re talking about Scotland. Still part of the British Isles. If you are talking about Shetland, we might send the Scotties home i am sure that the SNP would not be happy with the comments you make, as you would give them a bad name, but then again you’ve probably gone to the dark side, Alba?
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