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  2. I hate, hate, hate, hate folk who call it The turdlands. I hate them. I was told that this is what the Petrofac workers called it. And I also hate it when folk call them turdland ponies. They are dead to me.
  3. https://myshetland.co.uk/my-old-man/ My best friend
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  5. Hi, Does anyone know of any rentals available from the 2nd week in March?
  6. What is stopping the SIC from being a "service provider" and giving us all energy at wholesale prices. Why can Viking energy not sell directly to us all !
  7. I am so used to feeling safe that I never even considered it as a plus point. ???
  8. What could stop the SIC becoming a "service provide"r and supplying us all with energy at wholesale price.
  9. I don't really blame the government ,but I do seriously think that those opportunists who screwed the system and ultimately all of us who pay tax ,should be held to account. As I said no one had time to get a massive supply of PPE properly organized ,such was the demand and urgency. If i was a member of a government in in a similar situation ,who knows I might have done the same ,but this does not IMHO get the PPE supplier of the hook. If the government had lingered about getting tenders in the middle of this urgency for PPE that would also have been wrong . The "sharks" sa
  10. Watchdog criticises government over awarding of £17bn Covid contracts That's Westminster, or so it seems.
  11. You don't find it strange that billions of ££££ of our money was funneled to tory chums with no experience in PPE?
  12. In normal circumstances I would agree 100% ,but the government did not have time to put this contract out for proper contract tendering, such was the global demand for PPE equipment. Any government would have been in the same predictment. Also lets remember that a lot of PPE equipment has got a use by date so stocking up and holding large amounts in storage was not an option the NHS had. Hopefully lessons learned and UK manufactures now contracted to be able to up production to meet demands as and when required.
  13. Never understood why "The Shetlands" is considered so wrong. Yeah, it's a little clumsy, but as a contraction of "The Shetland Islands", it's fine, no? (ducks for cover)
  14. A big thing fur me and da family is da feeling o safety. I'm lived in twaree idder places and dir wis always da worry aboot being burgled, mugged, scammed or whitiver else. I hadna realised how much o a tax da takes until I moved back and felt da relief o no hivin tae lock da car or hoose door, or worry aboot a crack ower da back o da head at da bank machine.
  15. I'm corrected twaree folk, and da conversation usually goes alany da lines o Sooth person: "...The Shetlands..." Me (with an accent): "It's actually Shetland" Sooth person: "Shiitland?!! The land of shiit?" Me: "The Shetlands is fine" -- Apologies tae da admin folk - I'm bypassed da swear filter because it wis ruining my anecdote by correcting Shiitland to 'Turdland'. I'm fly, so I added an 'ii' ** admin edit - given the dialect context, your 'ii Shiitland' is permissible! **
  16. I think it’s quite sweet when folk say “The Shetlands”
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  18. @peeriebryan - it will be "The Shetlands" (*** shudders ***) any minute now! A slippery slope.
  19. I find how some non-Shetlanders* refer to the outer isles irksome, for example, "I was on Yell" or worse still, "I'm going onto Yell". Surely it's "I was in Yell" or, "I'm going into Yell". My theory as to why this sounds wrong is that you go 'into' a community', but you go 'onto' an landmass. Yell is a community, ipso facto you go into it. This theory is kinda backed up by the fact you go 'onto' the mainland, and the mainland is too big to be considered as a community in itself. Or something along those lines....! *IMHO, a Shetlander can be through birth or choice
  20. I winder if it works da idder wye aboot. Whit do English folk think o Shetlanders usin dir language? I tink we'll soond weirder tae dem dan dey do tae wis!
  21. https://myshetland.co.uk/monarch-of-the-glen-plus-a-few-friends/ Life imitates art
  22. So da "Scottish government backs plans to introduce testing at entry points" https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2021/02/26/scottish-government-backs-plans-to-introduce-testing-at-entry-points As @Roachmill says, mibee da ship has sailed (pardon da pun) and da vaccine will be workin it's magic by da time aa da details are worked oot
  23. A good friend of mine spiks broad Shetland wee an Argentinian accent and it's a thing o beauty!
  24. The covid PPE procurement scandal is corruption on an epic scale. When we break the law we expect to be fined or jailed, not so it seems if you're in government, nowadays they don't even have the decency to resign. https://goodlawproject.org/news/
  25. I think the main thing that makes Shetland(ers) distinct is rooted in the geography - we're far enough away from other land masses to feel like there's a definitive border, and we generally can't get in or out under our own steam (we need Northlink or Loganair to give us a hand). This results in many subtle and not-so-subtle feelings of 'like it or not, we're all in this together'!
  26. SIC embarks on campaign for cheaper electricity prices I'm not sure how much leverage the SIC has, but it's a move in the right direction
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