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Interesting article from Laurance Reed in the Spectator (Sep 2020): Freedom for Shetland

If Scotland can claim independence — and a 'geographical share' of the oil regardless of population — then why can't Orkney and Shetland? The Shetland Islands Council has voted 18-2 to begin exploring options for achieving financial and political self-determination, which sounds daft – but is it any less daft than Scottish independence? Laurance Reed, a former Hebridean resident (and ex-MP), wrote about this a few years ago for The Spectator pointing out the Scottish islands could become the Dubai of the north...

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https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2020/09/21/leask-resigns-from-senior-position-over-question-of-self-determination/ Is stating facts and having an opinion not allowed in the council chamber or when talking

At last a chance for Shetland to become autonomous. There's hope yet.   Self-determination motion to go before councillors

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