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Best local weather app?


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I use https://www.yr.no/- there is an English version if your Norwegian is rusty. 

There is also https://www.storm.no/- which is linked to yr.no.


I find both are fairly accurate and you can pinpoint your local area too for the forecast.  But, it can be wildly inaccurate to the point when I wonder if they actually know where Shetland is.  And they are very blasé about snow too. 

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I use Accuweather and WeatherProHD on iOS.  The former seems more accurate*, the latter enables you to see the wind speeds etc over a whole week, which is useful for planning.  You can also add other locations so that you can look at what is happening where you are about to go on holiday, or perhaps where relatives are etc. You can also connect to your own NetAtmo device.


* I assume that the data comes from the same place, so why there should be any difference I am not sure.

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