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Covid 19 / Coronavirus

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And also the minor point highlighted by the graphic posted above. There are still people that don't understand covid masks are to limit the spread of what's coming out of the wearer and not to stop yo

It would indicate that a scary amount of people chose to ignore scientific fact, the reality of life around them and plain old common sense, choosing to believe random hellery on youtube instead.

Nah nah, I'm no gettin involved we dis level o apocalyptic pleepsin. Dry your eyes boys and try no let folk annoy you sae much.   I'm finished me wark so I'm aff for a walk and I'll liklee nip intae d

Why just pick on Lerwick ?  We have other ports and also airports to consider.


How many locals will take a (foreign) holiday and bring an infection back with them ?


I would guess that airports and aircraft pose a much higher risk.  You can order a boat to stay at sea but, I don't think that anyone has ever left a plane in the air.  Not yet anyway.   :razz:


It will only take 1 person after  all.

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Surprised you think flying is worse as Cruse Liners. Coranavirus has a period of up to 21 days before it shows. It has been proved in Japan that the disease was rife on the Cruse Liner. Norway has had its first case today. When you stop and think where the crew comes from(all over world) add in the passengers. Better get ready to lose 1% minimum of the Shetland population.

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Well Digby, just think about it..  Tens, or maybe hundreds of thousands, pass through major airports each day.  All being crammed into sealed metal tubes (aircraft). 

Arriving at Gatwick, Heathrow and mixing with large crowds gives just one infected person the opportunity to spread the virus amongst many others. 

That one person could then take a regional flight from Gatwick, Heathrow to say, Aberdeen, in another sealed metal tube  etc.  Get the picture ?


Compared to air travel, I would guess that a cruise liner would present much less of a risk and, would be more "containable".

 The incubation period is irrelevant really.  If you are carrying the virus, you can spread it!!!

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How about this as a headline "AHS parents up in arms over losing money for cancelled school trip."


Until there is official UK goverment advice to stay away from Italy why shouldn't it go ahead?

How about "Your money or your life"..  


Since when have we been able to rely on anything the government tells us ?

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