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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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Whit a load of bruck ghostrider. I ken 8 o da folk dat hae or ir had it (including twaa relatives), and ken whaa a lot o da rest o dem ir. Joost because du doesna ken dir names doesna mak it some sort o conspiracy.


And as fur sayin (** mod edit - potentially identifiable info removed **) was a "willing and malleable patsy"... get a grip o desel.

Were all 8 fully tested and confirmed as definitely suffering from COVID-19?  Or were they among the apparent increasing numbers of 'vague' people (e.g. him/her it bides idda new hoose dey biggit oot by da knowe), who, according to the jungle drums have experienced 'flu types symptoms' and have contacted their Doc, the NHS, whatever asking to be tested. Only to be allegedly told something along the lines of, 'It sounds like COVID-19, so you probably have it. If you experience breathing difficulties at any time, get back in touch and we'll take a closer look then There's no need for a test unless that happens'.


Its winter, bad caulds and flu like type bugs are rife every winter..... *If* every one of those anybody contacts a Dr about is getting chalked up as a COVID-19 without testing, there's a very good chance there's a hell of a lot of false positives out there by now.


(** mod edit - comment removed **)



In answer tae dy first question, yis, tested and confirmed.


Play coronavirus doon aa du wants, and tink ill o folk aa du wants, it'll mak little odds tae me. But pittin dirt lik dy past twaree messages online isna helpful tae onybody.

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Hear hear. While stirring up controversy may well be the trademark of several of wir regular contributors on here, there’s a line to be drawn between having a healthy debate and showing some common respect and decency. IMO that line has been crossed in several posts over the last week or so.

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Current global death toll 66.560.


We have a long way to go to catch up with any of the first four on this league table which seems reasonable accurate..



Worldwide Influenza Pandemics
1 Russian Flu 1889–1890 1 million possibly H2N2
2 Spanish Flu 1918–1920 50 million H1N1
3 Asian Flu 1957–1958 1.5 to 2 million H2N2
4 Hong Kong Flu 1968–1969 1 million H3N2
5 Swine Flu 2009–2010 over 18,209 novel H1N1
Source: sinobiological.com


Wha can mind da Hong Kong Fluey......I do, I had it, it was a right sh*t of a thing, just about everybody I knew had it. Yea it took aff a handful of old dodderers from around the district who were on their last legs, but a common cold would probably have done in most of them the state they were in. Folk just accepted it was the way of life, and death, and got on with it. None of this hysteria and knee jerk over-reaction of today.


A green winter fills da kirkyaurd.......Dunna staund in its rod, you micht be caad erslins idda hol be da neest body comin in da gate.

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With a world population of near 8 Billion this virus is nowhere near deadly enough to make a dent or thin the global human herd significantly anyway. What is the big deal? People die all the time and far more people in underdeveloped countries die every single day of preventable diseases and/ or hunger, but I don't see anybody making a song and dance about them. I really don't understand the collective panic. 

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^This may help then https://www.sciencealert.com/the-new-coronavirus-isn-t-like-the-flu-but-they-have-one-big-thing-in-common


Higher infection and mortality rates in a broader age range compared to flu and the ability to bring health care services to their knees are some of the major points. The latter has the knock on effect of upping death rates for all other commonly treatable things. It's only just starting here so folk are a bit dismissive. Take a look at videos of Italian hospitals with folk coughing themselves to death in corridors if you want a reality check.

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so what? Nature is fighting back against the human virus that has overrun the planet. It is simply biology in action. Maybe humans are not the master race after all? As a misanthrope and antinatalist I see the whole thing very relaxed. We are part of the natural world and people better accept that. 

 I am still not going to loose any sleep over this. When I pop my clogs, I will. (and I have DNACPR and a nice dotted line with the words 'Cut here' tattooed on my chest to give the pathologist a laugh in case you fear I become an unnecessary burden to the NHS!)

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Yis, bring back da good owld days when millions o folk died o preventable illnesses.


So, you think trying to save a 90 year old who contracts this virus who will have little or hardly any decent immune system left, prolonging their death by 2-3 weeks is a good idea when that ventilator could go to say a 30 year old asthmatic?


I've got news for ya, dying of old age isn't a preventable but for some reason, many folk seem to think it is.

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