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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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Surprised you think flying is worse as Cruse Liners. Coranavirus has a period of up to 21 days before it shows. It has been proved in Japan that the disease was rife on the Cruse Liner. Norway has had its first case today. When you stop and think where the crew comes from(all over world) add in the passengers. Better get ready to lose 1% minimum of the Shetland population.


Diamond Princess was not following standard quarantine procedures.  Yes, it was in quarantine at the port but on-board, passengers were still able to exercise on their balconies and go to other decks but they limited the time they could do so and the numbers permitted to be on another deck at the same time; in essence, the ship was in quarantine but those on-board were not under ultra-strict quarantine, which is one reason why so-called experts are saying it affected so many passengers.


The virus is air-borne so by permitting passengers to exercise on their balconies, they ran the risk of catching the virus from those in say the next cabin even!


According to the BBC, the cruise liner had 3,711 passengers on-board and at least 621 people later tested positive for the virus.  Those with a higher risk of dying (may they RIP) are those with underlying health conditions and older people.  So before you go onto your 'We're all DOOOOOOOMED!' rant, you need to consider that cruise liners these days tend to have a high percentage of pensioners as their main customer base.


Wotcha gonna do to stop it winging its way over here in a storm then, have a word with God?  ;-)  If we get it, we get it but hopefully the virus will have burnt itself out by spring.



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Its the apocalypse I tell ye......


Swarms of locusts in East Africa, China, Pakistan.......


Floods everywhere....


The Wuhan Kung Flu is running amok worldwide smoain fok id dir own juices.....


The anti-Christ is the PUSA (according to some lefties anyway.........)


Tis the end days, I tell ya.....


Repent.......repent.......repent...... (Better hurry, afore Frankie Williamson's et all sell oot o' pent).

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I hear its mutated into a computer virus and you can now catch it by logging into a social media site.


I feel it in my fingers

I feel it in my toes

The virus that's all around me

And so the feeling grows

It's written on the wind

It's everywhere I go

So if it really wants to get me

Come on, lets start that show

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That's another 2 confirmed cases in Shetland. Schools might be closed shortly. Its funny folk say its just the Flu. This virus is killing 5 % of infected people in Italy.  The WHO said today that it is 10 times worse then Flu. Germany's Merkel says she is expecting 70 % of the population to be infected.  I can not understand why the UK government have not done more with shutdowns of Schools etc. You can see what's happening all over the World. No passenger checks on flights back from Italy today. Think SMUHA and DUHA will be the least of our worries in a couple weeks. I do wonder if the Government knows little can be done. Watching Liverpool play to a full house when the other games in Europe are playing behind closed doors. Suppose it will save the UK Government paying Pensions. 

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