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Covid 19 / Coronavirus

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And also the minor point highlighted by the graphic posted above. There are still people that don't understand covid masks are to limit the spread of what's coming out of the wearer and not to stop yo

It would indicate that a scary amount of people chose to ignore scientific fact, the reality of life around them and plain old common sense, choosing to believe random hellery on youtube instead.

Nah nah, I'm no gettin involved we dis level o apocalyptic pleepsin. Dry your eyes boys and try no let folk annoy you sae much.   I'm finished me wark so I'm aff for a walk and I'll liklee nip intae d

Italy total cases now at 12,462. Deaths at 827.

6.6% mortality.

That's confirmed cases, be plenty of folk that have had it and not died or suffered serious complications of it. The Chinese figures are probably closest to being correct and even they concede that they don't know exactly how many people have contracted it meaning their mortality rate is also higher than it should be.

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We are all going to get it. The Government strategy is to delay so that industry does not have to shut down completely or that the NHS gets over-run. There is no stopping it until we all have either had it or get immunised artificially. Its probably much further widespread than they know, as in most cases the effects are so minor. Whatever, there's no point in fretting now, or saying we;re all DOOMED.

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This is also financial. The UK government needs to keep money moving. The USA stopping flights to Europe this morning has taken it by surprise. They are hoping to delay the main focal point to the summer when the normal flu has disapeared. Expect schools to close after Cobra meeeting today. This not a case of saying we are doomed. This is statistics. Statistic do not lie governments do.

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...There is no stopping it until we all have either had it or get immunised artificially...

I only learned the other day that, having had it once, does not mean you can't get it again. You'll have the antibodies that got rid of it for a while but you're not subsequently completely immune. There are other various factors but the short version is you're not guaranteed immunity :(

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.........there's no point in fretting now, or saying we;re all DOOMED.

....BUT, we are DOOMED!


The grumpy dwarf has backed the Kung Flu 'experts'.




Game over!


Isn't there anything she's not a 'global expert' on. :roll:

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CMV Magellan with 1100 passenger and 900 crew are coming into Lerwick tomorrow morning.Passengers will be bused about Shetland in buses that Shetland folk will be using after. They have cancelled DUHA and SMUHA for the safety of the people in Shetland. It has been proved that this virus can be passed on days before any signs show. LPA will simply say they followed guidelines. In one stroke LPA are undoing the common sense of the last 2 days. This ship should be turned away like the one in Malta.

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