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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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Since when did stating da bleedin obvious ta onybody wi a even da smaaest grain o' midder wit need a qualification.


If you accept da 'scientist's' wird dat he spreads trow oral/respiratory fluids an can live aff o' a livin host fur a time, you micht is weel fecht fog is run fae im.


Unless dey kit wis aa oot wi divin masks an oxygen tanks ta wear 24/7, da peerie sausage il ey fin sumeen ur somethin ta live upoa tae wye ur da tidder.


An BTW, 'dae say' attackin da person redder is dir POV is a sign oh suntin.......I canna rightly mind whit, just eenoo. Hit'll come ta me tho.....

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You cannot keep every household let alone every individual isolated in their own personal sterile bubble even for a short period, let alone indefinitely, and anything less any virus will find a way from host to host, be it quickly, or very, very slowly.



Our politicians had the choice of imposing one kind of sadism or the other on us when addressing the 'rona. Either a relatively short period of kneed in the groin pain, or a relentless 24/7/365 toothache that goes on, and on, and on...... 5 months now and counting.


Unless things change and perform a complete U turn from the last 5 months, if I'm still to the fore come then, I'd put money of being able to come back on this thread in March 2025 and post '5 years and counting'.


Have you heard the story about Nathan Mayer Rothschild Stock Exchange and the Fake news at the Battle of Waterloo?

Assets became hugely devalued and the volatility allowed him to buy it for cheap.


These days there are bigger fish to fry and more tools to manipulate the outcome,

Making the news instead of faking the news!


The politicians can only please their masters within the banking clique so much by giving them additional taxpayer money for free,

But having as many blank checks from the politicians they own can only do so much.

As hard as they try to push for “cashless” society will find ways to boycott the banks, be it Gold, Bitcoin or another universally valued item of exchange.

Many of the businesses we use are increasingly just chains renting even their own name from somebody else the owner may possibly even have never been there only people who just work there occupy its walls.


What about the ones that aren’t?

Attrition warfare slash their income by locking their customers out putting crippling restrictions and making people either fear the virus

Confirmed cases           24,011,502

Active 7,553,477 Recovered 15,636,116 Deaths 821,909


Only 15,636,116 people have recovered and a whopping 821,909 died so deadly zomg AND mostly over 60s and people hardly ever die when they are that age!


During the “Great Recession” the banks foreclosed on many owner occupied homes and had the headache of reselling them.

It is no coincidence that Homes and businesses have changed from Owner Occupied to tenant occupied,

Banks and consortium could own most of the land and contract it out to “property managers” and just tax the populous that way.


Ever notice that almost everyone over 40 seems to either own their home or is very keen on staying in their council/housing association home by choice but the exact opposite for anyone who would have been getting on the ladder around the time of the recession when mortgages became considerably harder to get or after the house always seems to be mortgaged by somebody with more financial clout(lucky birthday) and rented out for twice the cost, nobody would even notice if that middleman was cut out and the markup is higher than almost all tax rates.


Good luck boycotting the banks when they've crushed everything they don't yet own,

Can your income survive and 5 consecutive lockdowns?

Attrition warfare at its finest


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^But the B.B.C. will inflict upon us the news that Westminster wants us to believe.

Yes, but I am in regular contact with a man who lives in Melbourne, and he assures me that what is shown in the vid is all true.  It is not an isolated incident either.!!


I think that my source "trumps" your hatred of the BBC George.

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Just out of curiosity do you wonder what would happen if an anti lock-down party formed?
it would be at least a big as UKIP was before the referendum.

Either called "End the lock-down" or "Never again" something like that.
i dont think if it matters if its far left or far right or centrist at this point since it would basically be a single issue party that collapses once one of the big parties makes a half arsed attempt to deliver what they want by exclusively paying lipservice only and then delays it for 6 years. and several prime ministers later have an election where their front man is wearing boxing gloves with "Get Lockdownexit Done"

Every occidental government just copies and pastes each others policies in regards to lock down.


94% of Americans who died from COVID-19 had contributing conditions: CDC

Coronavirus lockdown may have led to increased child suicides, new report warns

Regular adult suicide was very high last year in the UK so using data from other countries with similar lockdowns would be more conducive for determining its affects on adults.

We have the furlough scheme and restrictions on evicting people which basically are "remove the plaster slowly, not rip it off quickly"

Child poverty in the UK is much much higher than it was 10 or 20 years ago, Low wages and housing costs Austerity is a scapegoat its perhaps 10% of the cause/problem at best,

They generally need to leave the house more to get support more than previous generations.


Depending on when/where you were born the UK is a High, Middle or Low income country from your point of view

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Meetings limited to 6 persons may become more strictly enforced.



UK wide arbitrary 10pm shutdown proposed, Probably going to happen just like the practically guaranteed Christmas lockdown.



Covid secure 8px-Runic_letter_sowilo_variant.svg.png.8px-Runic_letter_sowilo_variant.svg.png.(Safety Squad) Have been rolled out to enforce the rules but a real police officer has to give the fines the seal of approval for them to be enforced



But if you want to gather in a large group and avoid the fines you must be part of a state endorsed/approved protest.


Be sure to ask the open societies foundation for a membership card!

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Old Bill doing house to house searches checking lofts, basements and under the beds for extra bodies, instead of in crapper cisterns and holes in walls looking for folk's stash then I guess.


It'll be a nice change in routine for the boys and gals in blue anyway, I guess.

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Now that covid has returned to Shetland it is distressing to see the work men doing the job at the post office refusing to wear masks wondering into local shops and cafes showing no care for the danger they represent and refusing to put on masks or sanitize there hands when asked by staff in the premises.  What can be done about this?

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Apparently their is photo's on facebook of folk from different households, enjoying a drink in a Lerwick venue last night, by individuals employed in certain jobs that should know better.


At a time like this it's not to difficult to avoid unnecessary gatherings,to safeguard ourselves and protect others,but some idiot's won't. 

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