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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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Now that covid has returned to Shetland it is distressing to see the work men doing the job at the post office refusing to wear masks wondering into local shops and cafes showing no care for the danger they represent and refusing to put on masks or sanitize there hands when asked by staff in the premises.  What can be done about this?


Grassing on your neighbors and pubic shaming is basically the governments official stance.


Seen a fairly creative mask and costume by a customer in CoOp the other week that made me smile though he may have been satirizing the situation,

Hardly anyone wears gloves yet this is a point of infection especially if they are going to insist everyone molest the same card machine buttons to pay and handle the same bottles and buttons to wash hands.


Although the longer the Lockdown lasts the large the amount of people who will not care if they get it or not,

Lockdown is creating the Boomerang effect and those opposed to Lockdown will likely take vindictive and passive aggressive actions towards those who start reporting their neighbors or those they perceive to be in favor of extending the lockdown for another twenty years.


For and against Lockdown polarization will be far stronger than Left/Right polarization because Lockdown has a more intrusive effect on our lives.


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Could they not use hand sanitiser before and after using the card machines? Or on entry/exit? If you touch a hand sanitising bottle to squirt it on your hands, put it down and rub your hands thoroughly, are your hands not then sanitised?

There's hand sanitiser everywhere, a large number of people even carry their own.

It's such a simple concept I've seen very small children managing it without prompting from their parents.

I know from personal experience there's a percentage of people who don't care if they get it, trying to convince the idiots they might pass it on to their parents/grandparents or their asthmatic/diabetic friend who would stand an increased chance of death is the challenge.

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Why is our council leader going public with mixed messaging about National guidelines concerning Covid 19?

Why did he not consult privately with NHS Shetland before going public implying Shetland should be exempt because of our comparatively low prevalence?

We all saw how rapidly and easily it spread around Shetland in the first wave. Ferries and flights are still going daily from areas of the country where prevalence is higher, people are coming and going to/from Shetland every day of the week.

I suppose we have to be grateful for the patient and knowledgeable National Clinical Director Professor Jason Leitch and Chief Executive of NHS Shetland Michael Dickson for taking the time out of their busy schedules to dumb down the bleeding obvious and explain in very simple terms that although viruses can't swim or fly, the people who carry them can.

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Maybe "President" Coutts wants a few more councillors to resign their positions for holding "opposing" views ?


We have got away pretty lightly (so far) from the effects of the virus BUT, we still took a "big hit" right at the start. 


What happens next when the students start to sober up and want to come "home".


OK, that's a bit flippant but, the question is clear enough...  What DOES happen when that time comes ?

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It amazes me how hacks and councillors now consider themselves Epidemiologists and Virologists.

I think I'd rather trust those who know what their on about when it comes to the decision about what level of covid restrictions we need to be in to limit or prevent needless deaths.

If you were lying on an operating table about to get some brain surgery would you dismiss the surgeon and ask a local bricky to do it instead?

The continual sniping against sensible restrictions designed to save lives in a global pandemic is dangerous imho.

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