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Covid 19 / Coronavirus

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And also the minor point highlighted by the graphic posted above. There are still people that don't understand covid masks are to limit the spread of what's coming out of the wearer and not to stop yo

It would indicate that a scary amount of people chose to ignore scientific fact, the reality of life around them and plain old common sense, choosing to believe random hellery on youtube instead.

Nah nah, I'm no gettin involved we dis level o apocalyptic pleepsin. Dry your eyes boys and try no let folk annoy you sae much.   I'm finished me wark so I'm aff for a walk and I'll liklee nip intae d

^It does indeed. The Times blurted out a piece yesterday about how we'd qualify for Level 0 status were the newly tightened end of April rules applied right now. I'm not linking to it as it was an obviously stupid and irresponsible thing to publish IMHO; it'll only work to encourage some to take it as an excuse to make an early start. Level 0 may well be applicable by the end of April if nationwide cases continue to drop, the number of those vaccinated continues to rise and some sort of point of entry testing is in place... but that's not now.

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