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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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Saw a few camper vans, foreign plated cars with luggage racks about Shetland yesterday. The Highlands and Islands seem to getting people moving out of the cities to get away from the Virus.(Orkney still has no cases this morning). Surly must be as daft as taking the Cruise liner into the town. Virus ICU for Shetland going to be done in Aberdeen.(In Italy no ICU if you are over 60) This is the way it spread through Italy and Spain. It spread like wildfire. Lockdown must be coming. Shetland has very limited medical facilities, it can not cope with extra numbers.

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People are less patriotic today because the culture is different

For under 30s regardless of weather you are left or right wing the country is vilified


Left wing take is that the uk is

"A white supremacist capitalist patriarchy"


This descends from Post-Colonialist philosophy and revisionists forms of Christianity

see puritan hypothesis https://archive.org/details/youtube-qxunoh82KQg


Right wing take is that the uk is

"Cuckolded anti-British far left state"


neither philosophy fosters positive attitudes towards the political entity known as the United Kingdom


furthermore human beings are territorial creatures and younger generations are less likely to have a slice of its territory and live in more crowded conditions.

Lower likelihood of starting families is due to behavioral sink and accelerated by the sexual revolution



All people are being asked to do is stay home sit on their sofa's and relax.


In WW1 & 2 people were willing to die for their country even lying about their age so they could serve their country.


Very sad and disappointing people are not following the guidelines.


Left wing people in Italy purposefully increased interaction/contract with Chinese people, To prove how”not racist” they are or something.
Italian residents hug Chinese people to encourage them in coronavirus fight

Dario Nardella
Democratic Party(Democrats of the Left)
Political position: Centre-left

Quick rundown on political position
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Globalisation with open borders makes pandemics like the present one inevitable . We saw that many EU countries were incredibly reluctant to end unrestricted movement of people due to their  political adherence to globalisation but this pandemic which will see millions of people die saw political correctness ramming into the concrete buffers of reality and they were forced to act however reluctantly to save lives . This pandemic could change the political landscape in Europe for generations to come .

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The warnings were all there with the "SARS" & "H1N1" outbreaks.  Shame that our so called "leaders" were so "politically blinkered" that they couldn't do anything concrete to prevent this one.


Chinese companies were allowed to buy leather (and other) goods factories in Italy (for the prestige "made in Italy label") and then staff them with a lot of Chinese workers who they flew in.  Go figure.


A lot of others have to accept a share of the blame as well (airlines/cruise lines/travel companies).  Just ask if so many people really need so many foreign holidays. 

The virus has spread so quickly simply because we have allowed it to and, indeed, assisted it.!!

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Things are changing fast when Trump slapped a travel ban on flights from China the Liberal Left media in the US  [which is most of them ] were outraged and slammed Trump as racist and xenophobic but now they have done a 180 and say he did not act fast enough . Its telling when its their and their families lives on the line they scream for the borders to come up and forget they have campaigned for years for the exact opposite Incidentally the ''Spanish  Flu '' really originated from China not Spain .https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/1/140123-spanish-flu-1918-china-origins-pandemic-science-health/

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Textbook attempts to politicise a pandemic.


Pandemics are relatively common (HIV, Cholera, Influenza, Typhus, Smallpox, Measles.....) and each outbreak is accompanied by scapegoating and attempts to further political agendas. It's unhelpful to say the least.

Nobody on either side of the political discourse is going to let a good tragedy go to waste.


The left in all western countries has been dominated by a religious movement for some time and said movement has alienated many left wing people and caused them to lean more to the right.



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