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Covid 19 / Coronavirus


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There's one thing for certain, we now have to leave the EU as quickly as possible regardless of anything......


If Boris pays 80% of a shed load of folk's wages, provides businesses with interest free loans etc etc from the kitty to mitigate this kung flu's effect, there sure as hell won't be any left to pay the EU's membership bills.


Its an ill wind...... :mrgreen:

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If Boris.


If Boris pays any 80% earnings.


If Boris does anything that he's said he will.




If Boris could find Shetland on a map, I'd be very surprised. If Boris could find Scotland on a map, I'd be very surprised. If Boris could find anywhere north of Birmingham on a map it would be a great surprise, but that's the vast majority of Westminster for you.


Let First Minister Ms Sturgeon get on with the job, she'll certainly make a greater effort. She also knows where Shetland is.

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There has been a lot of advice etc. handed out over this virus and rightly so but do have a look at the figures for people dying each year in the UK. from HYPOTHERMIA. There are thousands each year mostly made up of old people and homeless. Why has very little been done about it as a lot of these deaths are preventable. I will tell you why. Most of these people do not contribute and are a drain on the resources. Pensions Hospital beds Social care etc. Are our leaders really interested in our welfare or are they quite happy to see us off the books and out of the system. I would hope that when this is all over that our leaders go down a different road but I doubt it, in fact as there has been so much money spent/lost expect taxes etc. to go up and prices for food etc. also to go up. We do need a different type of government not only in this country but worldwide. We need leaders that will work for the good of everybody, not just themselves. There should not be such a difference between the wealth of the mega-rich and the homeless. If we continue this way the future looks very bleak.

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 Are our leaders really interested in our welfare or are they quite happy to see us off the books and out of the system.

My bet is on the last one


Italy has appealed to the EU for aid to help in their fight with this virus but has received none the only help they have got has come from Russia , China and Cuba . https://www.france24.com/en/video/20200323-coronavirus-pandemic-russia-cuba-china-send-aid-to-italy


The EU and the UK government only cares about the welfare of banks, politicians and blue-bloods.

everyone else is an expendable serf(who is now a danger to above)


China, Russia and Cuba will hope Italy reciprocates this in the future diplomatically but the EU can just make a law and bark orders a Italy so they don't have the same incentives as China, Russia and Cuba.


Depressing sate of affairs but people and organizations thereof are motivated and pulled by incentives.


Lets just enjoy musicals and songs about the types of scenarios on our minds


and getting out of quarantine/lockdown


any other recommendations

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Whats the EU doing about this massive crisis which has hit Europe ? I have not heard of a single measure that  they have taken they seem totally impotent in the face of this disaster  . They  have retreated to their parliament [ soon to be closed with no loss of expenses for the MEPS of course ] to lament the reinstatement of national borders and whinge about the loss of ''European values '' Its been left to Russia ,China and Cuba to fly in massive quantities of medical aid and personal because of course the EU has allowed the outsourcing of most of Europe's pharmaceutical  industry to China .

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Try Google? The first hit took me here: https://ec.europa.eu/info/live-work-travel-eu/health/coronavirus-response/european-commissions-action-coronavirus_en


The summary points are:


Ensure the adequate supply of protective equipment and medical supplies across Europe;

Cushion the blow for people’s livelihoods and the economy by applying full flexibility of EU fiscal rules;

Set up a EUR 37 billion Coronavirus Response Investment Initiative to provide liquidity to small businesses and the health care sector.

Provide a coherent set of guidelines to Member States on border measures to protect citizens’ health while allowing the free flow of essential goods

Restrict temporarily non-essential travel to the European Union.

So not much really.
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