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That is a loaded question.


Shetland and those living there are on average is wealthier than most of the UK but not all parts and residents you would have to be more specific.


Also the term middle class has been stretched to back and forth so much there is a separation of people being Economically working class to being culturally "working class" no matter their personal wealth or labour force participation rate.


So have well off people banging on about how working class they are and people who have never had a job of any kind banging on about how working class they are.

Never heard anyone who was actually low income paycheck to paycheck describe themselves as "working class" its literally anyone else but them lol

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Do you mean culturally or economically? 




Should islands besides Mainland, Shetland but also Lerwick and a few notable settlements be assessed separately?

considering there would be a difference in the opportunities and type of life one would live on these.


Some areas have lots of people not from Shetland and moving to Shetland can be expensive hence more likely be those with the financial means to do this which would tip the scale towards middle class.



I am aware there is a local term for them but what would you call somebody who moved from Greenland, Lapland or somewhere further north?

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Shetlands average earnings may be a bit higher than the national average (around 20% IIRC) but this is generally more than offset by our high cost of living - 20-60% higher than mainland Scotland depending on what part of Shetland you are in. 

I actually think Shetland is as close to a "classless" society as you get in the UK. In my experience, people don't tend to socialise along lines of wealth. I would not be surprised to walk in to a pub and see a millionaire having a pint with someone on minimum wage for example. 

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