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Trump/Salmond golf course


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I see a second Trump golf course has got the go ahead at Menie in Aberdeensire. This whole project came about due to Alex Salmond sucking up to Trump when he held a position of authority in Scotland.


The first golf course has lost substantial amounts of money but Aberdeenshire council have still given the go ahead for the second. This is despite objections from SEPA who exist basically to protect the environment.


The sand dunes at Menie have now lost their status as an SSSI due to the damage done already to the area, but the destruction continues.


Alex Salmond is no longer in that position of power but nippy Nicola is. Perhaps the SNP would like to step in here and try to address this  issue by halting further destruction on this scenic area.


Or is Nicola and her unelected, top SNP executive/CEO/husband/advisor, also in cahoots with Trump, as Salmond was before them?


The locals are furious about this but of course their opinions matter little, bit like the Viking wind farm really. Any downsides for a few locals, however serious, are of no importance.


Tis for the greater good, the wealth of the few.


As Trump might say, "Let's drain the swamp."


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