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tory corruption

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17 hours ago, Capeesh said:

The covid PPE procurement scandal is corruption on an epic scale. When we break the law we expect to be fined or jailed, not so it seems if you're in government, nowadays they don't even have the decency to resign.


In normal circumstances I would agree 100% ,but the government did not have time to put this contract out for proper contract tendering, such was the global demand for PPE equipment. Any government would have been in the same predictment.

Also lets remember that a lot of PPE equipment has got a use by date so stocking up and holding large amounts in storage was not an option the NHS had.

Hopefully lessons learned and UK manufactures now contracted to be able to up production to meet demands as and when required.

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10 minutes ago, Capeesh said:

You don't find it strange that billions of ££££ of our money was funneled to tory chums with no experience in PPE?


I don't really blame the government ,but I do seriously think that those opportunists who screwed the system and ultimately all of us who pay tax ,should be held to account.

As I said no one had time to get a massive supply of PPE properly organized ,such was the demand and urgency.

If i was a member of a government in in a similar situation ,who knows I might have done the same ,but this does not IMHO get the PPE supplier of the hook.

If the government had lingered about getting tenders in the middle of this urgency for PPE that would also have been wrong .

The "sharks" saw an opportunity and moved in for the kill, and if any politician can be proved to have benefited from this ,then they should face serious consequences.  

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