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anyone live by them selves???


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im gonna be moving house soon for the first time ever! its a small and old house but i have never lived by myself before! anyone got any pionters or anything to say to make me feel better? :oops:

plus, anyone got any tips on living on a food budget for a week???? £20!!???????????????

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I Have done on and off for the last few years..


Biggest advantage is you can live how you like and not have to be tidy, quiet for others.. lay sprawled out on teh couch all day if you so wish.. and live to your own timetable.


but dont stay alone for too long as it can become all to easy to become a hermit :P


Biggest draw back is the obvious social aspect can get very boring, unless you are able to escape and visit people..


Livign on a budget... something I have never totally mastered.. but just go back to your student days of living of lental curry and such like... alway buy a whole roast chicken ( unless a veggei ofc ) then you can have a roast one day.. chicken sandwiches/salad the next.. and boil up the bones for lovely chicken stock which you can turn into a huge pot of soup that you can live of for weeks..


stay away from so called fast food.. ready prepared food.. alway cost tens tiem more than can make yourself.. and never as tasty.


even buying a bag of flour and soem yeast for making homemade pizza is better than buyin the froozen ones..

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Try to vary the diet as much as possible. I lived on Lasagne for four days a week and soup for the other three. I also had soup for lunch. This went on for months and it sends you mad in the end 8O


Get a coat with big pockets and go shoplifting. Steer clear of the booze aisles, after all no-one would suspect that customers are going to be stealing the broccolli - only kidding.


It is difficult living on that sort of budget up here as the prices don't get slashed like they do south. There is always the supermarket skips though. Some good stuff gets binned in there all too regularly.

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Best advice I can give is to watch your waste. Anything bought and not used is a drain on your budget.


Look out for bargains.......Somerfield have a huge box of washing powder for less than £2.


Check the use/sell by dates on everything you buy but remember that date only applies to an unopened packet stored as directed.


Local shops are cheaper for some things.....worth checking.


A freezer is a great help if you use it a lot. Otherwise it justs pushes up the electric bill.


Good luck.

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