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Superfast Broadband Voucher Scheme

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^Good point should get back to the topic at hand unless you want to have a moan at each other thread elsewhere, maybe make it playful and inviting rather than spiteful and bitter and we can march over on our high horses and direct each others armchair expertise at each other to determine who is the better man, im game!


Still waiting to find out if he got in touch with Shetland Broadband came up with anything helpful so that there is something new to discuss.

if i am not mistaken they have an office in Lerwick and share a building with a dentist they have got a map of undersea cables on the wall in the hallway between them.


A few months ago i waited in the hallway there when the dentists weren't allowed to use their own waiting room since i got there half an hour before my appointment.

I hear this waiting room restriction got lifted but i would worry about using fiber optic cable for internet since colourful lights lead to "coronavirus-related concerns" and are "Covid-noncompliant"


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^I replied to the original post on this thread.


^^"Sincere apologies!, i thought your point was that the topic is being blown up or inflated because the last few replies are full of hot air.", or possibly, "Sincere apologies, I thought your point was that the topic was being blown up or inflated because the last few replies are full of hot air!"


Grammar wins - but to remain relevant IsleSat would be worth considering.

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OneWeb says it hopes to be able to provide satellite broadband to the UK by the end of next year

I wonder how much it will be, and will Shetland get an early release of beta units to test I wonder . .

And, will future satellites be launched from the Unst Space Centre ?

Or will Russia get all the money for doing that for us..

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