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SITAMS - Shetland Isle Toy & Model Soldiers Co.


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I'm a little intrigued, so here is some more...


The Ebay auction was dated July 2018.  A little ot of date perhaps.


The domain name - SITAMS.CO.UK is not currently registed.


Vectis seems to be an Auction House based in Thornaby (Cleveland ?).


VECTIS.CO.UK was registered through DomainMonster.Com.  There are no owner names.


Did a quick trawl around for toy soldiers etc.  Judging by the results I found, I would guess that whoever was trading as SITAMS has probably given up in the face of some hefty Chinese competition.

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I think SITAMS were alive and trading along time ago. The labelling and boxes look vintage (unless that's just the look).  I am also surprised no one has heard of them.  I might do some trawling about too.


Thank you, George for the links.  I am intrigued.  When the weather closes in, I will put my internet terrier hat on!  Will report back.

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There is an auction on at eBay at present for Sitams A Gentleman In Khaki 140 Mm Figure Rare Vintage


It has been running for nearly three days.

Saw this earlier.


Item location is Wokingham and it is the only SITAMS item currently for sale on Ebay.


Seller has a number of other items for sale and seems to be a dealer of sorts


Would be surprised if these are the people you are looking for.



Nothing at all on Amazon


Unless there is a specialised outlet for this type of thing, I would guess that SITAMS is no more..


Anyone want to set up a business selling Viking Warrior models?   Good little opportunity for sale to tourists (if we ever see them again)

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