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Cobra Kai on Netflix was good for a bit of light hearted viewing, it's a fictional tv series follow up to the Karate Kid films but set 30 years later, the main characters have the same actors.

The series has flashbacks to the films for those who haven't seen them, viewing the original films is not necessary for the younger generation or those who find 80's cheese flicks intolerable.

Agree 100% with the Queens Gambit btw, I never thought a series about chess would get me hooked.

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Just finished The Queen's Gambit here and was as pleasantly surprised at how good it was. This, from the man who put off watching War Horse for years because how good can a movie be about a horse (sorry Francis!) but was equally pleasantly surprised.

"Us" and "Life" are both on iPlayer I think and we're pretty good.

Our absolute favourite thing on the box just now is "This is us" on Amazon if I mind right. Really well done and doesn't always follow the path you expect.

We watched 2 recent Netflix Bruce Willis movies... utter tragedies the pair of them. And not in a good way either.

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I started watching Boku No Hero Academia. I watched the first few episodes, pretty normal for an anime. A society filled with quirks, people born with special abilities. A world where professional heroes are highly respected, and the government too pays them for their services. A first few episodes seemed nice, not exciting enough to make me shower any high praise of words. It even seemed childish at times. But one episode turned it all, villains appear and suddenly the tide shifts, the Heroes are in peril and lives are at stake, and that's when the series takes a total u turn and starts looking like something which I might enjoy. And I did enjoyed it. It's a highly action packed series with a good plot.

View: https://animefillerlist.net/my-hero-academia-filler-list/

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