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Scottish Independence Referendum 2021

Davie P

Scottish Independence Poll  

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  1. 1. Should Scotland be an independent country?

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    • No
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4 hours ago, hakama said:

I notice that none of the experts out there have posted anything to tell me why Scotland is a rich country. The main things that I see are oil which will run out fishing, other countries take it and tourism, not much of that at the moment so come on enlighten me.

Oil will never run out fishing, in my opinion of course.

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From the fact that no one seems to be able to tell me about Scotlands supposed wealth I must conclude that it does not have much and if that is the case leaving the Union would make Scotland a poorer place and why would Scotland jump out of the Union into a far more unknown situation with the EU. We will most certainly not get independence by joining the EU. It would be much better for Scotland to stay in the Union and get more autonomy from Westminster. Do all you lets leave the Union people really believe that the EU will be nice to us and that a hard border with Scotlands biggest trading partner will make Scotland more prosperous. As I said delusional.

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After looking at the link that Muckle Oxters posted it seems that we are doing much better than I expected as part of the Union so why leave as surely being on our own or joining the EU would be a risk. Would more autonomy from Westminster not be a better idea. I know Westminster is not doing itself any good at the moment but the EU also seems to be imploding.

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Yes, Well said Allen. All you lets leave people should read this. As I have said in previous posts you are delusional/kidding yourselves if you think that you are going to be better off on leaving the Union. At my age I am most unlikely to see separation but I do feel for the young people of this country even if it is most likely them that will vote it through not realizing the consequences.

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