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Daily Express Headlines


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Does anyone else find the Daily Express front page headlines rather predictable?


They seem to have a rotation of random Princess Diana stories and random scaremongering.


I actually find the Diana stories hilarious. It's something like (and I am sure someone can give me the exact figure) 90+ front page stories on the Diana car crash this year alone. The stories they churn out on her seem to be, largely, pointless and borderline newsworthy, let alone front page material. For example, one story earlier this year was about the body being embalmed to cover up a pregnancy and the front page suggested that it had definitive proof of this...their source on a story was a retired french policeman who "thought thats what might have happened". I wouldn't expect the Shetland Times to even run a story with that as its main source, let alone stick it on the front page.


I believe their front page on Monday was a story about how French authorities mistook Dodi Al-Fayed's body for the driver immediately after the crash.


Their recent topic for scaremongering is their Tuesday headline which basically amounted to "HOLY COW!! ALL THESE IMMIGRANTS FROM BULGARIA AND ROMANIA ARE GOING TO GET FLIGHTS TO THE UK FOR £10 AND LEECH OFF THE STATE AND DESTROY OUR COUNTRY". They aren't the only national newspaper guilty of this particular brand of scaremongering, but they are getting my 2 cents today because they annoy me with their Diana stories.


So...any Daily Express readers here?

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