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Councillor Scott and the ethical standards commission

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This might be a little off-topic for this thread, but it was discussed here earlier.




So, Ian Scott has been cleared (by the Standards Commission) of the allegations against him made by Steven Coutts and Malcolm Bell. I wonder if he is going to get a public apology from either one of them after they, basically, made a false allegation, or do the "standards" only apply to those who question their "authority".

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^ The whole thing had a very pompously vexatious ring to it when it was made, a heat of the moment throwing of toys out of the pram in a huff to shut Scott up. Its good to see, for once, 'the system' working as its supposed to.


As for apologies or even an acknowledgement they were wrong and out of order on the day, it ain't never gonna happen. Our great and esteemed leaders believe themselves the untouchables.


FFS they're just Councillors, the same as the rest of them, that, for the meantime have been chosen to be figure heads and spokespeople for the collective, not bloody President and Prime Minister of Shetland like they act, and some previous holders of the roles have similarly acted.


Grandiosity appears to follow the leadership roles these days, and it needs deflating, as its turned the council in to an ego massaging exercise for those concerned rather than them serving Shetland's best interests.

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I love Ian Scott's quotes in the link, anybody who's met Ian will know how they were delivered.


"...I always had faith in the trusty sword of free speech and the sturdy shield of truth to carry the day...”


“...Many constituents have asked me if I feel I have been bullied, threatened or intimidated over the issue, but I just thanked them for their concern and said that I am a big boy now...”


"...My poor old mother would have been horrified to hear that her son had sworn in such esteemed surroundings..."

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Yes, I know Ian as well.  It's just a pity that the printed words cannot convey the full impact of their delivery.


As for being "bullied, threatened or intimidated", I seem to vaguely remember a similar accusation being levelled against one of the participants some years ago.  Leopards and spots perhaps.

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So when's the next elections? We got rid of a few of those showing domineering and despotic tendencies last time around, if we can unload the rest of those types this time, whats left might just be fit to meld in to some sort of functional and beneficial council. Assuming of course we can avoid replacing those going out on their asses with like for like...... Didn't quite manage that last time, but we went some way towards it.

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