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What type of razor do you use?

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I think this calls for Ally to spring to the rescue and go and give them advice!


Schoolboys wax legs for charity



A group of sixth-form schoolboys from Fife has raised £350 for charity by breaking through the pain barrier to have their legs waxed.


St Leonards School pupils in St Andrews paid £1 to wax volunteers during assembly as part of the Think Pink day for Cancer Research UK.


They organised the event to get across the message that not just women suffer from breast cancer.


The assembly heard that about 300 men contract breast cancer each year.


Head of history, Mark Dunkerley, also stepped onto the stage to have his legs waxed by head of art, Donna Rae.


The boys were helped by classmates Lucy Eccles, Milly Virtue and Emma Barclay.


The even also included a pink non-uniform day.


Pupil Markus Rauch said afterwards: "I thought it was very painful.


"Now not only am I wearing a pink jumper but my legs are pink too."


It's an abomination I tell thee!






Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands? ~Ernest Gaines


Tra la la. Waxing is still gay. :lol:


You homophobic Ally????? LMFAO :P

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Just got one of they 5 blade Gillette Fusion razors. Fantastic shave and the single blade on the reverse is great for making your side burns neat. Don't seem to see any benefits of using the battery powered function though.


Same but with the battery it does make a difference especially when washing


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