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Dis next instalment o "sporting equipment fae somewhaur else dat has ended up here"  https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2021/03/05/stray-football-finds-its-way-from-ireland-to-shetland/

I wance lost me fishing wand ower da side o a punt when I was in Orkney. I winder if onybody on Shetlink has found it washed up in da ebb? And if so, I winder if ony journalists wid lik tae write a peerie story aboot it?

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Du’ll get nae peace fae da media efter yun revelations @Ghostrider.

I’m tinkin I might suggest a new column tae da Shetland Times caaed “Fae da Ebb”. As da title suggests, it wid feature stories aboot bruck and sports equipment folk have found in da ebb.

I’ll liklee need some market research tae prove tae da editor dat da “Fae da Ebb” column wid be as popular as I expect it wid be, so please ‘like’ dis post as an indication of your desire to regularly read aboot washed up auld dirt. Thanks in advance fur your support :-) 

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