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Artist requires studio accommodation in august

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I will be staying on shetland during the month of august. Looking for a studio space where I can also kip and cook tiny meals. Fridge would be nice. 
I paint watercolours of a large size, size a0 and larger. Mainly seascapes, for the obvious reasons I come to shetland.
I am an artist with a muscle wasting disease so a large table and a comfy mattress are a must. A winged chair is a plus... I dont care about staying in a messy studio, carpet is a no no....

I can afford up to 500 pound for the month.

can you tell me if you can provide the space? Anywhere on the mainland, near the coast, would be nice....

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The Booth is Scalloway is a lovely space https://www.waspsstudios.org.uk/spaces/artist-space/the-booth/ but is likely booked up, and the Shorestation in Unst looks to be booked too https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/884281

There are artist studio spaces in Bressay https://www.bressay.org/arts-crafts/studio-hire and I'm sure they'd be able to point you in the direction of affordable accommodation nearby.

Those are the only dedicated hireable studios I can think of, but I'm sure many other accommodation providers would be more than happy for you to paint.

As Colin says, you'd be lucky to get somewhere for a month in August for £500 but you might be lucky seeing as the tourist season probably won't be as busy as normal.

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