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Royal Family

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It is all very well quoting what we give them but it must be balanced against what they give us, Tourism etc and also including how they make a lot of people feel in being different from most other countries who do not have a Royal family / If Mr Blair had had his way some years ago we would have by now a president. Would we have liked to have Mr Blair as president. I do agree with anyone who thinks that the Royal family should be pared down but I do think that we are better with them.

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2 hours ago, tarsus said:

Would we have liked to have Mr Blair as president.

Presidents can be voted in and out through democratic processes as a result of their abilities, performance and/or popularity.

The Royal Family can't be voted in or out and are the classic example of inherited wealth and privilege that is in no way linked to their abilities to perform the limited 'duties' royalists claim the royal family perform.

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The people of Scotland in the near future will not be interested whether the Royal family stays or goes as Scotland will be independent and will have a president. Wales will do the same and have its own president and if Shetland breaks away it too can have a president. I also read that Cornwall would like independence so it too would have a president. I do live in interesting times.

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14 hours ago, Colin said:

They (Scots) did fight off the Romans..  Had to put a wall up.   :thmbsup

It wasn't the Scots that did the walls, it was the Romans. They put up both Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall which was built circa 150 A.D. They did it to protect themselves, I believe.

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