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Property for a family setting up a new business in the Island .

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Hello everyone , 

We are a family business moving to Shetland in the summer time . We are going to be doing outdoor entertainment from Outdoor cinema packages , Lazy spa packages, Teepee , bell tents and Bubble dome tents to hire for Birthdays , parties, weddings, romance, star gazing , baby showers , hen and stag dos . We cater for all needs . But what we need is to find a good property unfurnished preferable unfurnished as we have plenty furniture! ideally we are needing 2 to 3 bedroom , garage or storage area we can rent . And must except our little pooch (Lhapp Apso ) well trained . looking to rent long term till buy . We need in the region of 400to 800 per month . If anyone has or can send me in the right direction that would be much appreciated. We need good commutes to center and school.  Hoping to move to Shetland around June to July . 


Kind Regards Lisa & Ervis. 

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Hello there. It sounds like a really interesting business, and I hope you do well in Shetland.

Shetland is relatively pricey for accommodation so you might have to look for somewhere outside Lerwick for something of the size you need in that price range. But compared to the much of mainland UK, the commute tends to be short and scenic! 

There are properties listed here https://www.njord.market/accommodation/1 and you can post wanted ads. I believe there are Facebook pages for local accommodation too (but I don't use FB so can't provide a link)

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1 hour ago, EvonBekly said:

My parents live there, so I will ask them if I don't forget and answer a bit later. I think it s a great business idea you've got. I'm also here to ask something. Is this business bringing a good income?

Can you state it I successful? I've been looking for business ideas lately, and I think it is not that hard to arrange the same thing; moreover, I've got an unfurnished property in my town I know I could rent. I'm searching for ideas on sites like https://www.successionresource.com  and have a few already, but yours is not bad. So please, share more details about it; I would appreciate it a lot

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