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Cruise Liners

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Given the current state of affairs, and given the relatively little they spend here, do we REALLY want cruisers to 'step ashore' this year ?

It's being presented as a 'given'.  Will we get a choice ?

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I really don't think it will make much difference.

The 'rona is endemic, it won't matter how long things are restricted, once things are opened up again the result will be the same until/unless natural immunity/vaccine are best case scenario effective, and its far, far too early to know that yet.

Either you keep everything closed down for another 2-3 years to see how effective (or not) immunity/vaccine is in the longer term, or we just get on with it and hope for the best.

With a global fatality of under 4%, mostly the frail or those in poor health, and 30% of sufferers having zero symptoms, the mass hysteria generated by media and political scaremongering IMHO is more dangerous than the lurgie itself, and the only way to quell it is to just get on with living and dying as normal. Prove its not the Plague which has fatality rates between 50-100% depending on the specific type.

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^As I understand it, it will be a wee while yet until we're back to where we used to be. As of 2/4/2021 things will get easier, and as of 26/4/2021 beer gardens will be able to open. Don't think that there'll be many coming in on a cruiser for a while yet and to me that's good.

Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon lays out roadmap out of lockdown

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On 18/03/2021 at 09:22, Colin said:

I agree with your views but, do we really want to invite trouble just so that some cruise outfit can make a few quid out of their floating Petri Dishes ?

Better, imho, to keep our heads down until we see a proper way forward.

Aye, put like that, I can't disagree. There's an element of Russian Roulette for us in just letting it be a free for all.

You'd hope any outbreak onboard would happen long before they got here, and they'd stay at sea or at least at anchor in quarantine for the duration, but depending on where they started out from or if a crowd of them managed to pick it up someplace along the way here, that wouldn't always be the case. Plus, we would undoubtedly be expected to cater to anyone needing hospitalisation on any of them within chopper range.

Unless for the loss of bus hires and work for tour guides, not a lot of others make much of anything off the liner traffic unless the harbour, and the harbour has plenty of other strings in their bow that doing without liners won't bankrupt them.

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7 Day cruise for a virus that has an incubation period of anything between 5 - 14 days..  Go Figure...

More to the point, vaccination does NOT mean that you cannot catch the virus.  Just that you, personally, are better equipped to deal with it. 

AFAIK, Being vaccinated, although it does seem to greatly reduce the possibility, does not stop the virus spreading..

Recent events show that it only takes 1 infected person to get the whole thing rolling again.


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@ Frances.

Perhaps a similar query directed to the LPA would be in order, to enquire what measures they propose putting in place to ensure any risk, either actual or perceived, to the wider Shetland public by letting cruise passengers come ashore on their property in minimised.

The cruise lines are only one half of the equation, they can bring people here, but any risk posed by those people is only realised by allowing them ashore.

Probably a further epistle of CB will result, but it might have slight entertainment value.

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