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Vaccination cards.

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cicero said 


Reading all these posts it seems that privacy for the individual is non-existent 

Which is all very well if we comply with the law and our government is benign.  However that cannot always be taken as read. It would be nice to have another party to rival the SNP. indy or not.

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Anyway... I'm not convinced there may be any long term need for such cards or whatever form they take. The optimist in me sees once the majority are vaccinated, the virus [mutant deadly vaccine immune strain permitting] will hopefully fall to such numbers that it all becomes a moot point. There is, however, a load of cash to be made dispensing cards; and that will certainly drive our rent-a-government to award said contracts to whoever has made the right donation into the right pocket. I'd be surprised to see it be anything other than a complete shambles too.

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