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Hello. As my house has underfloor electric heating which does not work if there is a power cut I am considering some type of gas heater so I would be grateful for any advice/information as regards running costs type of gas etc. I did consider wood burning but as you need installation and also the cleaning and getting wood this option does not seem the best.

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I ran a gas heater a while back but the main thing I remember abut it was the amount of condensation dat formed in da windows. I believe water vapour and carbon dioxide are by-products of burning butane.

It was a bit lik this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marko-Heating-Quality-Portable-Regulator/dp/B01MXT43RC and I got gas from Rearo (does Rearo even exist onymair?). It was fine for the shed and occasionally in da hoose but I didna lik to run it too often indoors.

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Rearo are still going strong. I had cause to phone them a few months back to see if they would accept back a gas cylinder I had got from them 25 years ago. They said the only way to get rid of old gas cylinder was to return them to their depot as the SIC won't accept them at the dump.

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