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Tony Blair


Can Tony Blair leave office on a high note?  

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  1. 1. Can Tony Blair leave office on a high note?

    • Yes hes been a good prime minister
    • No hes a war mongerer
    • Unsure

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I Saw a Speech by Prof Roy Bridges from Abdn Uni on the Nuremberg trials


There was some interesting details about the prosecutors involved in the trials. A few of the the more pragmatic individuals perceived the trials as not a means of securing the future against the possibility of this happening again, but as an extension of the war - a means of kicking the Germans for losing. You can see this in the defenses used, basically they could be charged for anything that the Allied forces could not be proven to have engaged in. So the premise of the subsequent conventions can be seen as unstable.


It is a real shame because these pieces of international law are moving in the right directions. It should be applied to everyone, not just the losers!


Blair may or may not see this, but that doesn't matter, he is being pragmatic, the current Status Quo will treat him well for this and he will suckle well into old age.


As well as Tony the whole Parliament should be held to account for any crimes. I'd like to be an optimist but I don't think this will happen in my lifetime, I also think there will be a lot more conflict before this changes.

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