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Proposed Co-op Stores in Scalloway & Sandwick ?


Do you support the CO-OP stores planned in Scalloway & Sandwick  

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  1. 1. Do you support the CO-OP stores planned in Scalloway & Sandwick

    • YES - I support both
    • I support the Scalloway Co-op, but not Sandwick
    • I support the Sandwick Co-op, but not Scalloway
    • NO - I support neither

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On 29/11/2021 at 16:18, Muckle Oxters said:


Scalloway Co-op given planning go-ahead

Two ward councillors scrutinise proposal – with Moraig Lyall saying she could not support the plans


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Now that the proposed Sandwick Co-op has been given the go ahead, can we safely assume that all the single track roads will be greatly improved to cope with the increased traffic.

I would think the roads, (especially those coming in from the south), will cause some difficulty, due to the close proximity of the existing houses. Even the much used north entrance is single track and I would think the much heavier traffic flow will cause some problems.

The increased traffic flow will be evident from early morning till 10 oclock at night and it must be remembered that, unlike Brae there is no major road to cope with it.

Still, I'm sure the roads dept. has been fully briefed on the whole project, and road widening plans are already well advanced after consultations with houseowners and landowners involved. Some of these houseowners will I'm sure have some safety concerns and these will be considered in the process.


John Laurenson.  Sandwick.




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It's a recurring theme these days to see lots of concerns and objections in letters section of the paper and on facebook etc, but nobody actually cares enough to put in an objection to the planning proposal, which obviously means projects go ahead with no objections.

In the case of the two Coop stores, there was only one single comment, regarding the paths at Scalloway, which was noted and taken on board.

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I beg to differ. A petition against the Scalloway Coop with about 360 signatures was delivered to Planning and the Community Council formally made an objection. A number of individuals wrote in with objections. As chair of the Scalloway Community Council I addressed the Planning meeting to draw attention to some of the objections.

The application would have gone through solely on the recommendation of Planning if there had been no formal objections


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On 21/12/2021 at 21:40, MuckleJoannie said:

I've just looked at the online planning application and the Roads Department have made no comment on increased traffic in the area after the shop opens. It's almost as if they just expect the same number of customers to use the shops.

Its quite possible, as fare as the Sandwick one goes at least, that that may not be all that inaccurate.

As I've said before on here, I'll be surprised if many from outwith Sandwick itself uses the new shop. Some from Levenwick and Bigton probably will as its not all that far away, relatively speaking, but anyplace else south of Sandwick, I'd expect very very few will. Once you've driven as far as Sandwick, you may as well go right through to LK and be done with it, unless you're stuck for time. With Cunningsburgh already having a shop, and the rest as near/nearer to LK than Sandwick, I can't imagine more than an occasional one would choose to head south instead.

Meanwhile however, the existing Sandwick shop is seeking planning permission to expand its retail side, so the Coop may get a run for its money yet.

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