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Racism in Shetland


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What I found a little odd is that, whoever did it, spray painted a swastika as well.  I suppose that they were ignorant of it's origins (which is, AFAIK, the Indian sub continent).  Just another symbol hijacked by extremists ?



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It's irritating..

I'm all for Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, and the Right to Protest but, some people seem to just want to destroy the ideal by pushing the boundaries of what is currently defined as 'acceptable behaviour'.




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Its a pish stop for young eens cruisin in cars, a park up for shaggin wagons. Somebody probably a bit tanked up on falling down water and egged on by somebody, found a rattle can and thought it was a good idea (at the time) to leave a few 'Shock Jock' comments on a ruin.

To be taken about as seriously as political pre-elections promises. Its a wind up, designed to get a 'reaction', because it was sure to, and it certainly has with the Flea wading in among all the kye and sheep sharn, that's on the floor below it.

There's about as much chance of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow as finding who wrote it with the number of cars that tour out and in that road, and whoever wrote it or knows who wrote it is probably laughing their erses off at how much beyond their wildest expectations the reaction has been.

For anybody that believes it is 'genuine' in any way or 'matters' in any way, their best reaction would have been to say nothing and quietly gone and painted it out if it bothered them that much. For the rest of us, its 'young eens will be young eens an wirk sharn sometimes........whatever'.

It would seem its going to be a shock and revelation to some, but.......graffiti is very seldom accurate or truthful. I would have thought the penny would have dropped for most folk on the subject at a relatively young age, from reading the numerous claims and counter claims (often contradictory) on the back of public toilet doors about who was up for a good time or who was wanting gay sex etc.......but it seems maybe not.

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