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The Banking Industry - Charging Malpractice


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Getting mugged might be bad enough, but when the smiley faced git stands behind a counter claiming to be right in doing so and smirking at your attempts to get your money back with all the self satisfaction of the smug little turdes they are it's an absolute travesty of what they're supposed to represent.

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I agree the Clydesdale can be very quick of the mark for charging you, ( what bank isn't )and at least one of the front staff can be a right moody c*w. When ever I have gone in to speak to the manager or others. they have been very helpful with fixing the mistake.

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Still on topic but slightly different, am moving to credit cards now.


Back in April, I agreed to a Debenhams card to get 10% off my purchases that day then, when it arrived, found out it was a Mastercard with one of those balance transfer at 0% thingummies.


So I used that to clear my RBS Mastercard. However, by that time I'd paid for flights on the Debenhams one and paid that amount by switch immediately after doing the balance transfer because otherwise the flight purchase would've been subject to interest until the BT was cleared.


So, this month's statement included interest of about six quid. I phoned up and explained how their call-centre had told me my purchase would be paid off before the BT went on the card. Had to be very assertive, borderline stroppy, in fact but got it sorted. They've credited me with £85 (12 months' interest of 6/7 pound per month) so, while the interest will continue to appear, they've effectively paid it up front for me. They said it's because I'd 'been misinformed' not because they're greedy money-grabbing thieves!


So, long story short. make the phone call, hassle the banks & card companies. They know they're on shaky ground so they'll cave every time.


BTW, I'm not as fiscally irresponsible as this makes me sound, juggling credit cards and all! ;-)

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You should try and get a bank in Shetland or at the Brae post office to change a bag 1p coins for a £1 coin. The bank of Scotland would not unless you had an account with them. The royal bank did it only after one pointed out that they expected us to take them from them its about time coppers was done a way with. Banks only want paper money or cheques these days but if you over draw your account by 1p they would be quick enough to take more than 1p then they take £35 in bank charges I mean £35 pounds for the price of one letter and a stamp to tell you some thing you already know anyway.

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After being charged £20 for a £10 overdraft, 30 year old Michael Howard of Leeds changed his name by deed poll to Yorkshire Bank PLC Are Fascist boobalubes. The bank has now asked him to close his account, and Mr. boobalubes has asked them to repay the 69p balance, by cheque, made out in his new name. (The Guardian)

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Something wrong with Abbey, my building society, they have encouraged me to complain about my recent experience with them :shock:


I wanted to dispute a Visa payment and rang them 40 (yes forty) times in 4 days and got an engaged tone one every occassion. Yes I am obsessive :lol:


The email that I wrote to them had the scathing turned up to max because they told me to call into my local branch - that'll be Aberdeen then you 1/4wits :evil:

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Don't get me started on a bank that pays your cheques into someone elses account and then tries to charge you for having insufficient funds :evil:


Then they say they will give you a cheque for the amount THEY mistakenly put elsewhere which you then have to hope they manage to pay into the correct account.


Then they say they will see about refunding charges.


Breaths.........must remember to take deep breaths......

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Unfortunately, it looks as though Martin Lewis's very helpful site - www.moneysavingexpert.com - is down because of a dos attack. The version of the site which you see mentions that there may be a connection between their recent campaign on reclaiming PPI, including a TV programme a couple of nights ago -


"What is a DDOS problem?


It is a 'distributed denial of service attack'; in other words someone is maliciously attacking the site to stop it being able to function (see Wikipedia's DDOS attacks explanation). Frankly it's devastating and the fact it happened with the publicity surrounding the launch of the PPI reclaiming campaign is probably not a coincidence.


In practical terms it means, they've simulated as if billions of people are trying to use the site at any moment, so of course the servers can't cope. Sadly it's much easier to destroy something than it is to create it.


And finally a word to those who are attacking the site. Millions use this site, many rely on it for crucial info to make their lives better; some are desperate for help with their debts, and others want support through a myriad of issues. What you're doing is hurting many people, please stop."





Tonight: Payback time, 26 Oct, ITV1, 8.00pm


Tonight our Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, reveals what could be the biggest reclaim of all.


There are more than 20 million payment protection insurance policies in the UK in an industry worth £5 billion but many are believed to be sold unfairly and not within the consumer's best interests.


And it’s now payback time. The regulators have been investigating the mis-selling of this insurance and Martin believes millions may be able to get thousands of pounds back.



Whether it is that or not, it's a damn shame as it's a great site. Hope it comes back soon.

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Looks like underhanded tactics are the way forward when dealing with people trying to reclaim what is legally theirs :


DUE to an email received from legal@1and1.co.uk which states that www.penaltycharges.co.uk is offering and or promoting illegal services




Our host was left with no option but to close down the site.


We have uploaded a copy of there fax for you to read, we deny these accusations and we certainly do not promote or advise members to borrow money without the intention of paying it back.


We have tried to email them about this but received no response.


Therefore this has brought the end to penaltycharges.co.uk


We would like to say sorry to all our members but we just don't have the money to fight a legal battle with 1and1.co.uk


Warm regards


Stephen Hone



I used that site for quite some time and it's members advice helped me out with quite a few problems. Despite the obvious negative attitude towards the banks, never once did i see a thread pertaining to anything illegal or immoral.



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