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Scotland 1 - France 0


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Phew, that was some three days!


We played okay, rode our luck severely first half when a 0-3 score would not have flattered the French. Second half we pushed up the park a little and stopped inviting them on to us and to be honest they dropped a gear or two.


Absolutely first rate RESULT only, I wouldn't say we played all that well. Smith is 100% correct in saying we have to get the feet firmly back on the ground ASAP for Wednesday.


This is a very tough group, we still have away fixtures against France, Georgia and Ukraine and qualifying is a very long way off, despite the grand start.


But, way hey, 9 points and sitting pretty!! :lol:


Keep the fingers crossed that other results start going our way. We want the French to win every game now (not against us though) and hope that the Italy, Georgia and Ukraine drop silly points and share the spoils against each other starting with Georgia and Italy on Wednesday.

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"Hey Bobby, whats the French for "We got done"?"


Excellent result. The first half looked dicey for the first 20 minutes or so, after the first couple of free kicks I expected the French to throw everything at us but that never really happened.


2nd half was a fantastic team performance and I would say on that showing alone we deserved the goal. Thierry Henry showed how useless he is in the air with that header in stoppage time, I would have expected any other player on the pitch to have comfortably put that away.


I've never been Gary Caldwell's biggest fan. Up until Saturday, I don't think he had shown anything that merited him a place in the Scotland team. He was excellent on Saturday, and really didn't put a foot wrong. I should also pick out Barry Ferguson, thats the best performance I have seen from him in a Scotland shirt since Wembley in 1999.


I'd take a draw from Wednesday quite happily. Kenny Miller should be back which will mean McFadden dropping back into midfield (assuming Walt goes 4-5-1 again). Dailly missing at the back might open a window for Russell Anderson providing his injury isn't too bad.

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