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Religion & Theology (& should we respect beliefs)

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I have to say - and it's not directly related to religion & theology - but it is sort of a...cousin is, something that REALLY gets on my wick is this garbage industry spawned in this "New Age" to

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Read Mr Hunters reply letter in the August Shetland life - to Karan Angus's article about Shetland Pagans.


Brilliant letter if you want 2 support religious bigotry, murder of all that prefer another option. A world under Mr Hunters fanatisist Christian mandate would see half the world culled, education turned into a medieval state reminesent of the inquision, intelerence that feeds terrorism beyond the sacale of George Bush & Tony Blair.


Why do modern & born again Christians act like religious facists?


Vic Thomas





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Came across this video on Youtube of a bloke that appears to be slightly deranged. Nevertheless he has an interesting point or two to make.


I personally haven't studied the bible in much depth so I can't really comment but I was interested to see what views other people have on his little speech.


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Interesting the bit about christians hating Harry Potter because of his links to the dark arts as I myself became a satanist right after I read the first book, however all it gave me was complaints from neighbours about the smell from my shed with all the sacrificed virgins in.


More proof that religion is more hassle than it's worth.

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Regarding militant atheists... (from me, an atheist)


I don't agree with militant atheists, but I do agree with atheism.


Truth is, militant atheists seem like a strawman argument against atheism. I think that BASED ON HISTORY Atheists have every right to be militant, what with the amount of people this alleged 'god' killed. But pushing religion or atheism on anyone is wrong.


On Dawkins' Atheism, Agnostic, Religious scale I am 6.


The scale


1. Strong Theist -- 100% convinced that God exists.

2. De facto Theist -- not 100% but very close.

3. Weak Theist -- not sure, but still a believer.

4. Pure Agnostic -- 50/50 chance that God exists.

5. Weak Atheist -- not sure, but leaning to non-belief.

6. De facto Atheist -- not 100%, but very close.

7. Strong Atheist -- 100% convinced of no God.


*looks back at first post*.


Wow, i've dropped down from like a 3 to 6.

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atheism is seen as an unacceptable religious position here in the Cosmic Church of Universal Uncertainty, as it hints at knowledge of the concept of the god in question enough to discredit its existence.

No religion has provided satisfactory bases for anything much concerned with the concept of reality, just long do's and dont's lists.

If our most pios church members have seemed militant, it is only because we require clarification on an issue of the highest importance and not just a load of "BLAH, BLAH,BLAH" and threats of eternal burnings.

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No religion has provided satisfactory bases for anything much concerned with the concept of reality, just long do's and dont's lists.

Zen buddhism and Schrodinger's Cat!


Tenets, for this particular belief system may well exist elsewhere, but the above passage does illustrate the kind of approach to reality possible within a religious context, if anyone is so inclined. :P


Just a peerie example :wink:

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He's quite a guy, isn't he :D


I've certainly heard before about the psilocybin mushrooms on the isle of Padmos and their inspiring the Book of Revelations - I think there was a TV programme about it last year. As for Islam, a well-travelled friend insists that, whenever you're talking to a Muslim, you're talking to the Koran, because it colours every thought.


Did anyone else hear Marcus Brigstocke on The Now Show a few weeks ago, with his "Address to the Three Abrahamic Religions"? - I cried laughing, and have MP3'ed it, if there's a way of putting MP3s on Shetlink. Brilliant stuff, and deserving of the widest possible audience.

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