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Religion & Theology (& should we respect beliefs)


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Note; I am not a buddhist, just a reader :wink:


We cannot attain the moral perfection he taught by ourselves. The Christian way is about accepting His forgiveness when we get it wrong.


The buddhist approach to this would be to seek your own forgiveness and learn the lesson, not to defer to another power. The native american way of "Seven Arrows" would say much the same.


The Tao-ist approach would be to accept that being wrong is part of what enables us to be "right" at other times, that is to say, there is no "right and wrong" just different aspects of the balance that makes us human, thus forgiveness is superfluous.


Cutting back to buddhism again, moral perfection is attainable,alledgedly, through the control of desire and the ability to live "now" and not ahead/behind ourselves.


Acceptance, service and gratitude are rewards in themselves without relying on doctrine. :)

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Guest Anonymous

There are aspects of religions that are highly desirable, but all this nonsense has been going on for too many centuries. I'm a firm believer in science and I'm astounded that so many people still proclaim to believe in a "God"-like figure.

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"God" as a sentient individual is pretty much out dated.




If you want science; Every living creature emits an electric field. A proportion of this stems from electrical brain inpulses. Without dragging up the experiments of Wilhelm Reich of the '50's, it has been hypothesised that wherever two or more living creatures are in close proximity to eachother the total energy occupying the space between them exceeds that which is defined by known science, ie., latent, electrical, thermal, magnetic etc.,


Hence, you stick a whole load of living things together on a planet, you may well observe a "higher energy' which may well contain a degree of fluid consciousness.


Not some big guy with a beard in the clouds :wink:

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I just tried that a couple of times but nuffink happened. Is it because I'm listening to the can-can?


Definitely can-can counteraction in action :roll: Try blinking a few times when looking at the wall.



If you still can't see anything, i'm led to believe it means you are an agent of darkness, probably after selling soul to some suspicious jazz musicians at a crossroads on some excessive night out, which is all starting to come flooding back now eh? :wink:



Bwwian? Bwwiiaan? Is that yooo?


You just know what he'll be wearing at the next gig now, right? :lol:

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on serious note though. the earth was chance. god is an answer and an excuse for people. its funny how America is so religious but their the ones advancing to prove it wrong...or is all these spaceships and tech advances to help us to go and find him...


this was sourced from andys rant 2004 in the Religion times

in which he stated these were his beliefs, choose to agree if you wish, judge if you want but forgive if hes wrong. :twisted:

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Another thread to the weave....


National Geographic caused much controversy by purchasing this manuscript for an undisclosed sum from some "dodgy geeza's"

They launch their findings in this months edition.


Formerly an unbiased scientific and impartial photo journal, this is the second contraversial bit of sensatonalism they have been involved in in recent years. The previous being the much hyped "new chamber" discovery in one of the pyramids. The live TV feed being presented by a Lara Croft look-alike, and the revelation being made in the last five minutes of the program, to reveal....nothing. An empty shaft.


Let's see if their sensationalism is a bit more guarded this time....


Gospel of Judas Revealled

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Found this earlier today linked from some RSS feeds I subscribe to. An interesting figure although I don't know how reliable it is. Anybody want to scrutinise the bible for a few days?


This only applies if you believe in God and/or Satan of course.



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