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Religion & Theology (& should we respect beliefs)

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I have to say - and it's not directly related to religion & theology - but it is sort of a...cousin is, something that REALLY gets on my wick is this garbage industry spawned in this "New Age" to

^^^ I don't know about that. Almost all of ours laws are structured around the basis of Christian beliefs and our moral centres whether we like it or not is derived from Christianity.


Personally, I have a strong moral basis (I guess almost derived from Christianity) and an ideology that there is a higher power, but certainly not God in the biblical sense or anything like that.


Quite frankly and belief and faith is fine, but religion is the cause for 99.9% of all evil in this world. Fanaticalism. I hate it.

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Unfortunately we are not as Secular a nation as I might try to make on. We have a Queen whom is also the head of the Church of England.


I don't believe that morals are taken from the bible, certainly not in America's case. Their morals are taken from natural law. If you observe monkey's you'll see that they have similar systems as how humans have - they do not take kindly to one chimp killing another, they do not appreciate theft, and they feel loss etc etc. They were never shown the bible.


Morality, for me anyway, doesn't come from the bible, it comes from knowing that if I, and indeed the world, will be better if I work together with people. Its common sense to know that I should get along with my flatmate and not argue/piss each other off.


Biblical morality is hellish anyway. Stone kids? No thanks. Others:


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Evil is just a word that I used, I don't use it with any religion connotations. This quote sums up the situation imo:


"Good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things, but it takes religion to make a good person do a bad thing."

I agree, humanity is the root of all evil, but then humanity is the root of all good as well. :wink: There's no giant sky pixie to blame it on.


I like the quote, but I would change it to:


"Good people will do good things and bad people will do bad things, but it takes ideology to make a good person do a bad thing."


I'm sure not all Nazi Party members were evil or Soviet Communist Party members for that matter, but their ideology was. Any ideology which puts the collective (whether it's Party, State or Church) above the individual tends to be evil in my opinion.

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I'd be inclined to go with "belief" or "faith" rather than ideology as a replacement word, though really all 3 are interchangeable.


I've adopted the view that any belief system, that being a view which requires faith and acceptance of something irrespective of known facts, is a religion.


It continues to amaze me how many things today fit this category, especially those practiced by people who otherwise bury traditional church based religions.


I totally agree with JAS regarding morals. Danny Wallace summed it up perfectly when he did his "How to start your own country" series. When looking into laws etc, he started with the bibles ten commandments and ended up with the obvious.


We only need one law - Be good. And even that shouldn't need to be "taught", as it is built into everyone anyway.

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