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Religion & Theology (& should we respect beliefs)

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I have to say - and it's not directly related to religion & theology - but it is sort of a...cousin is, something that REALLY gets on my wick is this garbage industry spawned in this "New Age" to

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Scientists in the past for fear of losing their jobs and reputation have never really been allowed to investigate the possibilities of other realms of reality but some are now, I have just read a most interesting book by Bernard Haisch, look up his credentials, it is called THE GOD THEORY if you do get a copy do read it from the beginning and do not just pick sections out. Keep an open mind.

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Guest PJS1979

Its typical human behavior , what we don't understand we put a boundary or limit on , this is the case with religion because no one has all the answers of the universe etc so its easier just to create an illusion of gods and religion to set our minds at rest , "god created us " its easy and it puts up a boundary that you don't question.


I find it sad and also unbelievable that in 2018 the majority still live by these fantasy gods.

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