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Drugs in Shetland

da ness tattie man

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experiance, live in Shetland spend quite a bit of time in Norway.

see very little evidence of junkies in Norway even in Bergen and Oslo but every small village in Shetland has it resident junky. Folk that 10 to 15 years ago would beat the turd out of anyone selling smack in Shetland are selling the sharn themselves now.

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Bergen had lots wandering around when I was there :?.


just take a walk up past the uni and around the old part of town there and you see them walking around.


It just more noticeable here as the place is smaller.



The Toilets in the uni even have locks on the outside door.. and unless you have a uni pass you cant use the toilets because of the amount of junkies that were using them to jack up.

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This is very true I myself found a used needle in a Bergen park whilst playing hide and seek with my daughter (':shock:'), needless to say that was the end of the game....


Also a Norwegian friend saw a man with a needle still protruding from his arm wandering through the market at the end of the pier. She told him that she thought he had forgotten something pointing to said needle!

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the playing park at hayfield has become a shooting gallery as is the back of the bogs in the gibby park, I,ve seen needles in the park in king Harald street aswell. found discarded needles up the lane from the chemist a the cross, probably one of the free ones doled out to stop them passing on nasty infections to each other but they don't give a damn about the kid that may pick it up.

seen needles in Scalloway and at Voe, so I would guess if you keep your eyes open they could be found anywhere in Shetland, starting to take over from the red rose unfortunately.

Take a look around sandveien and it is hard to avoid needles, junkies foot-sucked out their brains are wandering around evrywhere in Shetland yet I've been in Kristiansund a few days now drinking in their equivelent of the thule and wandering around the place and I doubt I've seen one junky yet.

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[*** mod edit - merged with existing thread from "Sherriff slams isles drug culture"***]


Anybody else find this quite a strange thing for the sheriff to say? I can't really work out what he's meaning.


Is he being critical that quite a lot of people up here take heroin now?


Is he being critical that we have quite a segmented community where different groups form together?


Is he being critical of the enforcement agencies for failing to stop the drugs coming in?


Is he being critical of support agencies for not accessing and supporting susceptible young people at early stage?


Is he being critical of the education system for not doing enough on drug awareness?


Or is he just simply saying he's fed up with us Shetlanders and our drug issues.


Just seemed to me a really random non-productive thing to say. He may as well have just said "hard drugs are bad" for all the significance it has.

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