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Drugs in Shetland

da ness tattie man

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I think firstly soupie, welcome to these forums.


Tis a good thing, and sometimes brave to be honnest, so, you have done a good thing..


You may have read here that any form of mental illness is not always fully understood. There seems to be a few who think similar to the way the Victorians thought and it is no reason to "let folk off".


ADHD is a compulsive thing I am led to believe. It can be very easy to excite someone who has it to do things they would otherwise not do.


I met a young Canadian guy, who was wound up so much he agreed to carry a kilo of cocaine into this country for rewards so overstated it seemed to others as laughable..

However, he was caught, because he could not contain himself at Heathrow Airport.

At his trial, the prosecutions ADHD expert, ended up doing the defence councils work. She saw how this young man was, it was proved to her that he did have ADHD.


He was found that he was not if full control of himself and was given a conditional discharge


Just so folks can get a better understanding...






It is very sad when folk come out with simplistic cures for the reasons folk do what they do..many go undiagnosed and are mistreated by the systems set there the protect them.


Good luck to you Lyall...

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I thought I would throw my tuppence into this debate.


... I was the person that was unfortunatly caught havin a smoke up a lane, which, before anybody tells me, was a horrendously stupid thing to be doing.


... my brain chemistry seems slightly different to others, i.e, speed makes me fall asleep, and cannabis makes me trip.


... as for my privacy, this is the internet for shetland, can you get any less private!!



Hi, soupie, nice to have you along. And I'm certainly not going to say anything about stupidity, sounds like a pretty normal sort of day to me, or (faces grim reality and admits) would be if I were still, um, quite a bit younger than I am now. Now, if you'd been running riot and damaging stuff ... that would be horrendously stupid.


Re your comment about brain chemistry, before anyone says it can't happen, it sounds just like one of my downstairs neighbours a few years ago. Uppers always left him down, in fact I actually saw him fall asleep once immediately after indulging in some crack, but enough heroin to put any normal human into a l-o-n-g sleep and he was ready to hit town. I've seen it, I know *exactly* what you mean.


As for your privacy, I'll mention discreetly that I'm about 500 miles south of you for a start (though hoping ultimately not to be). Yep, even Shetland's forum is like an international postcard. :D


Take care, DS

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Drugs have never done anyone i know any harm, unless you mean the legal ones as i have a lot of alchoholic relations and they all smoke, but the illegal ones have just given everyone a good night (except for the hassel of trying to get them).


What hope do the young of Shetland have after a comment like that....... it appears there is a lot of support for drug use from posters on this thread.


I'm just a concerned manager that has had staff in the past that never arrived for their work on time and as such where sacked..... only to be seen a year or so later arriving early outside a chemist before it opened to get their green juice.....



One interesting turn around, in the sixties and seventies it was students that pushed the boat out and had great hash parties and LSD sit ins ..... while the working class young went to disco's and got rat assed and now it appears to be non students that are more into drug use and less students smoke, drink, do drugs and drop out of education through a " YEAH MAN CHECK IT OUT BIZZARE" substance intake.

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Drugs have never done anyone i know any harm, unless you mean the legal ones as i have a lot of alchoholic relations and they all smoke, but the illegal ones have just given everyone a good night (except for the hassel of trying to get them).

have a chat with the wife or anyone at the gilbert and ask them if your drugs are harmless.

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I don't think arresting drug users & suppliers will ultimately ever get rid of drugs (not that I think they shouldn't be arrested). It's just going to go on & on and get worse & worse as it is getting at the moment - even with more sniffer dogs, and police closing in on more people involved in the drug trade etc... People are always going to find drugs from somewhere, lets be honest.


I personally think the key to curing the drug problem in Shetland (and everywhere) lies with parents bringing up their children.


I have never tried any illegal drugs, not that I haven't had the chance to (you can hardly go out at the weekend and not get offered something), I have never wanted to. I can honestly say the reason I have never tried illegal drugs is due to my upbringing & influence from my parents and the respect I had for them. I could talk to 95% of the guys who were in my class at school and I would almost guarantee they would say the same.


Children need to be brought up in a happy environment, and taught things so they have something to use their brains for in later life, and so they WANT to use their brain in later life, rather than thinking they have to take drugs and other things that disguise reality to have a good time.


The root of the problem begins when one person takes drugs and can’t leave it alone. It very often turns into drug dealing and all the other things that come with getting hooked on drugs.


I believe all drug & alcohol abuse can be stopped if parents just bring up their children properly.

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^^More like all drug and alcohol abuse if parents stopped bonking and thus producing the genes that lead to an addictive personality.


Come on now, speaking as a parent of a now adult son, parents cannot solve problems like this on their own. For example, how many hours are kids in school for?


I remember telling my son he could not swear. First day at school, came back swearing at the ripe old age of five. Parents can advise their offspring but how many of us rebelled as teenagers against what our parents preached?


No apologies, but I find it rather naive and ignorant to blame such huge and complex problems such as drug and alcohol abuse solely on how children are brought up by their parents when there are so many other influences out there.

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The sentiment is nice, but, all we can do is warn and educate....parents do not go to mam and dad school, so there will be different levels..\


To be alot more open about tthe use of drugs is probably a better way.


Yes their are folks who still live in fear/respect for their parents...


All parents can do, if they have the way to do it is prepare yunguns for what ever the world will offer them and hope that they do not suffer any, no parent wants their fruit of their loins to suffer..


But we live in this society, and it is made up of what you see around you..


I had quite a harsh up bringin, my Father would use flagilation and lock me away for a few nights...


My mam was weak with the long term effects of a childhood illness..


It was a wierd way of life, yet my mam and dad would work all hours to feed us, then beat us...


And that did not work.


I did what I wanted to do, maybe cos I was restricted when young,,


No way can this problem be solved by parents alone...


Tis folly to think so, non of them are qualified, but only to concieve..

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there is only one person to blame if you become addicted to something. its not your parents,friends or even the dealers. its just down to choice some make wrong choices. but its the users fault. yes there are addictive personalities but until the person creates an addiction then there is no problem. the just say no campaign may have been to simple but its a fact.

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Drugs really are one of the best things around, only shame is that most of them are illegal so you are not sure what you are getting and people who have not tried them have preconceptions, make it all legal so everyone has the choice.

Some of the best nights i ever had were taking advantage of natures bounty like people have done through the times and necking as many magic mushrooms as were growing , least you knew what they were, nice and organic.

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