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Drugs in Shetland

da ness tattie man

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And to legalise hard drugs and make them cheaper would lead to a similar thing. So as you say cheaper therefore negating the need to steal? Sorry that it wrong.

Wrong as in drugs wouldn't be cheaper after legalisation, or wrong in that the amount of crime committed to pay for drugs would not be reduced ?


Just because a drug is legal won't mean it would suddenly become socially acceptable to take it: most people don't inhale amyl nitrite, or sniff glue, although it is perfectly legal to do so.

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Distortio by name distortio by nature.


I made no connection between a drug (not alcohol) user and people buying drink


i know, i misread your sentence for comic effect.


It is a fact that in real terms drink has never been cheaper. You can buy a bottle of whisky for £8, in fact I saw an advert last week for £7 offers, now and it cost around £12 a decade ago for the cheapest.


hmmm, i don't know. maybe some drink is cheaper nowadays. i was thinking more of pub prices, which have certainly gone through the roof. surely that in itself makes people more inclined to drink carry-outs, as you get more for your money. if you want a drink and you can't afford a night out, you get a cheap bottle of whisky for £8 and get trollied. just means it's more out of sight as people aren't out drinking sociably in pubs, but in their homes/friends house/bus shelter/off license doorway/gutter... well you get the picture.


And to legalise hard drugs and make them cheaper would lead to a similar thing.


who says they'd become cheaper? there's every chance that the tax would make them more expensive. and the fact they wouldn't be full of erroneous substances to bulk it out. it would also take away the 'cool rebellion' factor, something that draws in the young and impressionable.

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Is it ture that Montfield is to be used for a drug rehab unit. If so then Shetland has gone down the tubes already!


So rehab is a bad thing now is it? What would you advocate instead?


Perhaps prison rehab should be forgone in favour of a burial pit too.


I have lot tolerance for a lot of things, but i fail any justification in that comment. You can't jail them all forever. Seriously, it is childsplay to find fault but noble to find solutions. Exercise your moral nobility. Let's hear your way to solve the problem then dNTM. I'd love to hear it after that comment.


Or perhaps , you are merely trying to be inflammatory?

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:roll: I dont think that some people turning into vigilantes is really the answer... is it... ????? Sometimes it does more harm than good, and can only serve to put some maybe slightly undesirable people's backs up..


People will take drugs if they want to and it is a sad fact that there isnt really all that much we can do about it... what are you going to do, cameras on every road and street, watching everyones every move, sniffing every lit cigarette to see if it is a spliff... strip searching everyone including kids... (that was mentioned rightly so by someone earlier)...


YES a world without drugs and alcohol would be more favourable, there would be less child abuse, rape, murder, and domestic violence... but realistically, is the disappearance of drugs and alcohol going to happen... NO...


Boredom is a BIG FACTOR on drink and drugs, also depression and loneliness...


There isnt enough policing to deal with it all... and being suspicious of people all the time isnt the right way to go about things either... just because they have a nice house or car doesnt mean to say that they are dealing drugs...


I dont agree with drugs, I think that they are distructive... especially extasy, heroin, speed, cocaine... acid...


Cannabis... is not destructive.. although I dont smoke it myself...jeez I dont even smoke now.. but I would say... if someone asked me whether I would like to sit in a place where people are smoking pot or drinking.. I would probably say smoking pot... I have never heard of any violence coming about because someone was stoned... but I have heard PLENTY about violence, rape, abuse, drink driving, murders, due to ALCOHOL! ..




CHAMOMILE IS A HERB... that calms you down... IS THAT ILLEGAL>?????

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:evil: Right... okies well here is my take on this...


I dont think cannabis needs to be legalised cause it shouldnt be illegal in the first place... ITS A HERB! like sage ffs... just because makes you stoned, doesnt mean to say that it should be illegal...


Is RASPBERRIES, STRAWBERRIES or BLACKBERRIES illegal??? well you can make wine out of them, and then get pissed and drive a car and then kill someone.... cause you left your brain fermenting in the jar... :evil: Not to mention Vodka from Potatoes....


God said "feel free to use all herbs, fruits etc on earth" well thats fine then cause Cannabis is one of them... just because it makes you feel weird doesnt mean it should be illegal...


Take DEVILS CLAW, deadly nightshade or others... ??? If you ate deadly nightshade .... ummmm?????? yeah exactly....


Or... rolled up daffodil leaves and smoked them...???? mmmmm??? similar to cannabis I was told... if smoked so lets make daffodils illegal too... LMAO...


They give cannabis to MS patients ... so its good enough for them... but ...???




I was in hospital once after a miscarriage and the doc said to me... since I was upset that I should NEVER TAKE clinical antidepressants ..." there are other HERB alternatives if you get what I mean" .... THAT WAS A DOCTOR... :o

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Shame we can't make biggotry and ignorance illegal. Heck, you can't even rehabilitate those who demonstrate it routinely.
Its only a shame that the rehab unit won't be able to treat the Ostrich Syndrome that exists in Shetland.


:roll: Whatever.


Ostritch Syndrome being the belief in the idea that it's possible to prevent drug addicts by throwing people in prison?


Or do you mean 'Chicken-licken syndrome' where-by someone runs around spouting rubbish that their mate down the pub told them? The problem with CLS is that it drowns out any rational and factual message and replaces it with something so reactionary and misguided that everyone stops listening.

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:twisted: see the thing is... its a no win situation isnt it... All that can be done is a programme put in place that drug abusers are offered help and support to kick the habit...


Sadly in this world.. they have to WANT to be helped... and if they dont want to help themselves then ............???? who knows...

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You're right, DS3, they do have to want to be helped. Thing is, I think that most people reach a stage where they do want help. The biggest problem arises when they cannot get that help; have nowhere to turn without fear of being prosecuted; nowhere to get a sympathetic ear.


The likes of dNTM who would cheerfully imprision every last user - whether they want help or not - drive the problem underground, compound the health problems and financial difficulties and increase the stigma.


When someone does finally kick the habit, are they given a pat on the back and congratulated for achieving a very difficult thing? Nope, they're treated like leppers and refused employment, housing and friendship.


Small wonder that recovering addicts have such a hard time when the prevailing attitude is one of derision and calls for more prisons to house them.

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