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Paranormal Shetland

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I should take you for a ride in the Tardis (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) sometime, the paranormal will then becomes relavant.


Lol a ride in the tardis would be somewhat interesting... lol (hint: stay away from de herb!)


Anyway, I was wondering who would be interested in starting our own paranormal team/group, which would include going to reputed haunted places, night vigils etc etc... even eventually getting our own paranormal shetland website>?????


All ye in favour say aye!

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:D Cool.... here's one of the pictures that was taken when on Vigil to the Kirk O Shotts in Lanarkshire Scotland.


Ectoplasm and plenty orbs...




If you look closely... you can make out what looks like a dragon face... but who knows what it is....

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cool I have always wanted to do something like this in Shetland


I am glad. I have done this type of thing on the mainland and have always been interested in doing similar in shetland due to history and folklore ....


The people I am interested in joining are over 21, and have a serious interest in the paranormal... being a medium/psychic, or sensitive would be an advantage .. but its not essential... just a sensible outlook.

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It sounds like it would be creepy and fun I love having the bejesus scared oot o me.


I have always wanted to try it at Busta house hotel having worked there and felt the presence of Barbera I would like to get some kind of proof that she is there.


Sounds good to me Frontal... I take it I can trust that you shall research some more on places that the group can go to ... etc... feel free to pm me to discuss the finer details.. :wink:

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That sounds a brilliant idea to me although:

a)I'd hope there wouldn't be too many Acorah-esque mediums trying to makes names for themselves


and one other minor point....

B) We've not moved back up north yet still in West Lothian


I've not been to any vigils yet we were to go when I was attending circle. I've passed by the Kirk o Shotts a few times. I'd like to do more scientific experiments that would be good. I don't believe in holding any seances unless people truly know what they are doing and know how to protect themselves. Most people don't in my experience.


The airy fairy one. :P :wink:

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