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Best Software To Download


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I'd also like to add to that list a few things I've found really useful, though not all of them free:


Desktop Resetter for keeping your icons where they should be after a crash!




(If anyone knows of a free version which does the same thing, I'd be interested to know, but so far I've yet to find a free version which works, so I paid for one which does!)



Hotcorners, nicely puts your monitor to sleep when you want to without wearing out your on/off button.





PC Inspector File Recovery for when things go a little pear shaped and you need to try and get your data back.



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Things for the Mac?


Onyx - http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11582/onyx

Does your housework very efficiently!


CocoThumbX - http://www.stalkingwolf.net/software/cocothumbx/

Good thumbnail creator


VueScan - http://www.hamrick.com/

When your OS refuses to work with your scanner!


GraphicConverter - http://www.lemkesoft.com/

Changes Tiff to Jpeg in batches amongst many other things


Freeway - http://www.softpress.com/

Easy web design designed to suit all abilities


FotoMagico - http://www.boinx.com/fotomagico/overview/

Easy slideshow creator


Handbrake - http://handbrake.fr/

Good for compressing movies


Downsize - http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/14460/downsize

Excellent quick way to downsize things to jpegs, can add watermarks too


Sound Studio - http://www.freeverse.com/mac/product/?id=5012

Good recording app


Transmit - http://www.panic.com/transmit/

For transferring ftp stuff


iFamily - http://www.ifamilyforleopard.com/

Family tree builder. Very intuitive


ffmpegX - http://www.ffmpegx.com/

Essential for changing movie files to readable iPod ones


Lots about. I personally use all of the above. I also like VLC, Data Rescue II and CD Finder too.

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