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Local labour shortage

Muckle Oxters

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Consider  earnings against the cost of living and using that benchmark then the above comments by ghostrider is entirely correct.

Many standard products and foodstuffs have risen 3 fold over last 20 odd years but  average wages certainly have not, having been depressed by the massive surplus of foreign labour from cheaper economies - Supply and demand.


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On 07/09/2021 at 08:56, shetlander said:

If the minimum wage not being enough is the issue, are there really that many folk locally who (a) are currently living off benefits but want to/are able to work and (b) would be attracted to jobs in those sectors if wages were to be increased?

I think it might surprise a lot of folk just how many people are in (a). 

One of the big problems is zero hours contracts, as they pretty much eliminate people from being abe to claim the "Top up" benefits, as there isn't a fixed weekly/monthly wage. Might be £400 this week, but only £100 next week.

In that sense, a carefully structured UBI would certainly be a better system, so long as it still offers an incentive to work.

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You'll never get UBI under a Tory government in Westmonster.  They hate anyone getting anything for free unless it is them and theirs.

The hospitality industry has always been one for exploiting people, and my experience of it here was no different.  I was living in Hoofields and applied for a job at one of the hotels here.  The owner seemed keen, and even suggested that I should move out of Hoofields into one of the staff rooms in the hotel.  He certainly wasn't offering that to benefit me.  He obviously wanted me living over the shop so that I could be on call 24 hours a day.  If I had a share in the business it might have had some attraction, but as a minimum wage flunky I was definitely not interested, and let him know that the job was very much a stop gap until a proper job came along.  Hard work, poor pay, long hours, tied accommodation, little thanks, who would be queueing up to work in such an industry?

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