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Traditional Shetland food recipes


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No problem at all! It's great that you're interested in exploring Shetland's culinary heritage. Shetland has a rich food culture influenced by its maritime history and access to fresh seafood. Here are some traditional Shetland dishes you might consider:

  • Reestit Mutton: This is a traditional Shetland dish made from mutton that's been salted and dried using the traditional method of hanging it in the rafters of the house or a "reest." It's often used to flavor soups and stews.

  • Shetland Bannocks: Bannocks are a type of flatbread, and in Shetland, they're often made with oatmeal. They can be served with savory toppings like smoked fish or with sweet toppings like jam.

  • Shetland Lamb: Shetland lamb is renowned for its quality and flavor. It's often roasted with traditional herbs and served with root vegetables.

  • London Broil Crock Pot: Perfect cut of meat for the slow cooker, as the long, slow cooking process helps to tenderize the meat.

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